View Full Version : 2 weeks wellbutrin-improved drive and lower iq

01-30-14, 12:04 AM
My drive is improving yet I'm regarded now and my attention to detail blows!! If I'm not taking it I just feel wiped out while working. . I'm a broker and honestly it kinda sucks. Way too much work to get screwed on a sale final . Getting suck of making a hundred calls for 7-10 thousand dollars . Yeah I make a lot of money, but dude I have to make hundreds of calls to get it . Maybe that's all jobs. ?? I hear it's not though. . My industry is cut throat and crooked. . I'm suing people left and right , I'm like a micro attorney making contracts all day . You get a sale then it breaches and we all fight for the money while we claim false damages . Anyways I cannot plan and organize well on Wellbutrin!!! Yet I'm motivated again . Kinda sucks

02-04-14, 07:48 PM
Glad to hear you're motivated again! I myself, after trying several SSRIs which zapped all my remaining energy and ambition, am back to Wellbutrin XL 150. Hope it gives me my drive and motivation back.

You can always switch to a financial analyst if you get tired of being a broker...