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01-30-14, 05:10 PM
KRIS used to take vyvanse. Whether he has a prescription; I am not sure. I am He would get 10 and month. Sometimes taking consistently and sometimes taking it after 2 weeks of not taking any other drugs. Kris doesn't like weed, it makes him slow. Kris doesn't like to drink, he hates acting stupid and feeling bad the next morning. Kris doesn't like recreational drugs because it makes his ADD go hectic.

But, Kris's vyvanse train stopped in its tracks. Kris went from 10-15 60mg's a month down to nothing. Kris tried the "fast acting adderall but 20mg didn't even affect him; he slept afterwards. So Kris discovered Adderall XR. He started off at 10mg then 15mg then 30mg. The spike from 15mg to 30mg than the spike from 10mg-15mg.

Long story short, Kris is still afraid that his Adderall tolerance has permanently built up; (hence some "Adderall psychosis causing permanent shizophrenia" he was rambling about to me the other day).

I MIGHT'VE heard Kris mention that he normally takes 90mgs (30mgs) in a day coupled with 2-3 doses of 10mg fast acting Adderalls. He also might've mentioned that, after 5-7 hrs of the initial ingestion, he gets strong headaches ending in severe narcolepsy.

I am afraid Kris's body may not be able to handle the stress as his tolerance to the drug. Is there any advice to making it more effective or to why this happens?

01-30-14, 06:32 PM
you should tell your friend "kris" that sites this like aren't really equipped to handle questions s/he should be asking a medical professional.

we aren't here to help anyone maintain or exacerbate misusing medication, per our guidelines:

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In an effort to protect all who use these forums, no posts will be allowed that encourage or support the illegal or improper use of medication of any kind. We do not condone illegal or improper use and do not wish to be a source of information for people who would use medication this way. This includes talk about overdoses or O.D.'s.

found here:

encourage your friend kris to get a prescription and until s/he does, worrying about tolerance is a moot point, but certainly not a discussion that will be supported by the members here.

adderall tolerance does NOT cause schizophrenia..."permanent" or otherwise. if your friend is experiencing amphetamine psychosis from misuse or regular use (because that can happen), you should help him/her in accessing professional in person medical treatment as soon as possible. like, right now.


01-30-14, 06:51 PM
Does this KRIS know my friend SWIM by any chance?

As Peri says. Adderall tolerance doesn't lead to Schizophrenia. Tolerance is a fairly common thing with Amphetamines and can cause some side effects.

What leads to "psychosis" is the misuse of Amphetamines. i.e using it to substitute for sleep, or to try and maintain a high.

Your friend KRIS should taper off it and seek professional help.

01-30-14, 06:54 PM
It's not tolerance it's your body getting used to the stuff. Get it out of your head that there will always be a high. There is no high!!