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01-31-14, 01:54 PM
Hey y'all.

I've been on Adderall about 11 years and I absolutely love it, but it stopped working. I'm on 80mg/day. I saw my doctor today and he told me to stop taking it and after 48 hours to take 5mg of Focalin (5mg 2x/day=10mg/day total). I'm freaking terrified. I'm a law student at the top of my class and I'm going to work for a firm this summer and am hoping to secure a job offer. I need to be at the top of my game. My hope is to stay off the Adderall for about a month or so and hopefully when I start taking it again I won't have a tolerance (has this worked for anyone?).

Also have coexisting conditions like bipolar, alcoholism (I'm in recovery), etc. On Oxcarbazapine, tapering off Cymbalta, and take a small amount of Trazadone for sleep.

Can anyone tell me about switching from Adderall to Focalin? Has anyone else successfully dealt with Adderall tolerance? I've done a bunch of googling, but I'm starting to drive myself nuts, and haven't found really clear answers. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I feel like my life is over.

01-31-14, 05:00 PM
Your life is definitely not over. You can do this.

Focalin is a good medication. It is really perfect for a lot of people, and you may actually find it better than Adderall.

In essence, it's a special type of Ritalin with less side effects. Ritalin is a compound that has directionally-oriented molecules - to put it roughly, some of the molecules are left-handed, others right-handed. Focalin is Ritalin that's been filtered or separated somehow so that it contains only the right-handed molecules.

Many people who take it comment that it works great but they feel nothing at all. So be prepared for no sensation, be prepared for not being able to feel it working.

Adderall is probably the ADHD medication that one would "feel" the most, so that will be a transition.

Keep notes on your work habits and how they are affected by Focalin. Expect it to work, but expect it to be a new experience.

02-02-14, 02:49 PM
Thank you! That is encouraging.

02-04-14, 03:36 PM
If you're bipolar, it may be for the best if you avoid stimulants. They could make you manic.