View Full Version : Severe caffeine problem. Will Wellbutrin help?

01-31-14, 03:01 PM
Hi all,

For two years, I was drinking 800-1000mg of caffeine per year in addition to cycling diet supplements with DMAA. I was using the DMAA as directed on the label, but clearly the caffeine was out of control. This was a means to self medicate for ADD. For the past six months, I've been trying to cut out caffeine as it's wreaked havoc on my energy levels. I also stopped the DMAA cold as it became illegal. It's been very hard.

Three months ago, a Dr. prescribed me a low dose of Adderall (one 10mg XR, one 10mg IR) to help with this. The rationale was underlying ADD/fatigue as a reason for the caffeine abuse in the first place. I was able to cut my caffeine to about 1-2 cups, but I am feeling pretty miserable in the evening, and have not been able to eliminate it entirely. Part of this relates to a busy job and an inability to really take the necessary time to recover.

My Dr. thinks I should start Wellbutrin and believes these crashes I get in the evening relate to depression.

I really would just like to bump up the Adderall and eliminate caffeine, but my question is whether the Wellbutrin might help with the caffeine withdrawal.

My thought is that I have done something to damage my noradrenaline levels and I wonder if maybe the Wellbutrin will prevent my body from recovering naturally. I know that some people take Wellbutrin short term, but won't I just feel like crap again anyway once I stop the Wellbutrin?

Sorry as this case is a bit complicated but any thoughts are appreciated.

01-31-14, 05:35 PM
Cut it out completely. It will suck for 3 days. In a week you'll feel better.