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01-31-14, 08:54 PM
I wonder if its just me or not but I Have serious cravings for carbs and sugars and fats.Its like I try to not eat it and last few months All I wanna eat is comfort food and Its gotten worse since its gotten colder.Im so hopelessly addicted and wonder what any one else who takes this class of drugs has to say.Ive been on celexa and wellbutrin since 2003 and some people have told me this is a long time to be on these meds.You know all the excuses and anti meds kind of people but they work very well for me otherwise w out em Im a complete mess and wreck.

02-01-14, 12:37 PM
Also my face constantly breaks out like a meth head and No one can tell me why this is?Pharmacist said yes the meds can I go back to med nurse and its OHH well they shouldn't,looks in the dsvm manual and say well its doesn't say.I go home and look it up and it does say it wtf!??? How do I stop eating like a weedhead and stop my face breaking out like a methheads?

02-01-14, 12:50 PM
Supposedly high insulin is a significant cause or increaser or whatever of acne...

Sounds like you might be pre-type two diabetic, if not there already.

I think I've heard that WalMart has the cheapest blood sugar meters, need to look...

If so, you need to treat the cause which is insulin resistance, with stuff like...

...more magnesium (, non-fluoridated water, transdermal magnesium ( (I've heard conflicting claims about the ability to absorb magnesium through the skin) probably with mag chloride rather than epsom salt like I mentioned in the thread.

stop taking in fructose (sucrose AKA table sugar is half fructose), also start going to

low carb diet ( (with your current state, you might not do well with low carb and moderating protein and eating high fat, since fat might not sate your hunger enough, and it could backfire and cause weight gain, and so maybe a low carb, high protein diet without large amounts of fat might work better) with a more optimum omega-six to omega-three ratio (assuming that your omega-six to three ratio is skewed too far in favor of omega-six).

High intensity interval training (


Sounds like your "don't give a ****ness" is turned up too high. SSRIs and SNRIs will do that. Read up on how SSRIs and SNRIs blunt emotions ( Note the first sentence in the video.

For examples of "don't give a ****ness" turned up too much, go here ( and go halfway down and read the case reports where people went on SSRIs and did things that were very out of character for them. Things that likely would not have happened had they not started the drugs, things like not caring about bouncing checks and getting speeding tickets, not cleaning up the the dog's poop in the basement, being indifferent to her son's diagnosis of testicular cancer, buying a Mercedes (which he'd always wanted, but resisted due to it being too expensive and a foolish thing to do), and a guy quitting his 9-5 and using his inheritance to "go for it" as a singer and then deciding to use the money to build a solar car, etc.

SSRI thread (

02-01-14, 12:57 PM
The first SSRI that I took was Concerta (generic) and yeah, I couldn't stop eating.

I gained 10 pounds in one month and told the doctor I needed to switch meds.

Generic Zoloft (sertraline) hasn't had the same effect, thankfully.

Unless you need to gain weight, ask your doctor to try a different SSRI.

02-01-14, 01:47 PM
Also, if you are a type two diabetic or pre-type-two diabetic and your ferritin is too high (you'd probably have to specifically ask a doctor to do this test) and everything else checks out, donating blood (possibly a double red cells donation) should help with insulin sensitivity.

02-01-14, 02:32 PM
Acne is caused by the release of Adrenaline. When Adrenaline is released, it stimulates the Sebaceous Glands. (The oil glands in the skin). The oil gets trapped in the hair follicles, causing blocked pores, leading to the inflammation known as Acne.

There's 2 things you can do to reduce acne.

The first thing you can do is cut down on things that stimulate the release of Adrenaline. This will greatly reduce oil secretion through the skin.

The second thing you can do is alter your diet. Cut down on the consumption of oily foods and drink more water. This will replace your oil reserves with water. And water doesn't block pores.

02-01-14, 11:16 PM
Ive thought that too and I certainly hope not,Id hate to have to give myself needles.Im afraid to mess w a good thing because it took me so long to get to a place where something works soo well for me.:(Thanks for the advice yall.

02-01-14, 11:32 PM
I just looked at the WalMart site. The meter is $16.24 here.

Hopefully that's not the case, but definitely something to look into.

Definitely if you ever notice yourself peeing all the time and drinking a lot of liquids to keep up with the excess peeing, well you've gone way too far as far as progressing towards or into type two territory.

02-03-14, 08:48 PM
Yes, when I was on Celexa I was constantly craving sugar and rich, comfort foods. Couple that with the "oh I feel sooo good, warm and fuzzy" feeling I lost all desire to exercise. Normally I'd take a brisk walk before work, then one at lunch and one after work. On Celexa I felt lazy and so I just kept eating chocolates, wafers, gravy and noodles etc.

My goodness! This is not me!! I knew I had to get off to get my health back. I was getting yeast infections from too much sugar and becoming fat.

As long as you feel like you're not gaining weight or getting lazy to fix a healthy meal then I suppose just eat low carb.