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02-01-14, 08:15 PM
If you're like me, you've seen lots of studies that identify the (intuitive, seemingly obvious) causative relation between sleep disorders and mental illnesses like depression and ADHD. On the other hand, still other research identifies sleep disorders as secondary to mental illnesses. My question is: if you had a sleep disorder and successfully treated it, whether through xPAP to treat sleep disordered breathing, or medication to treat insomnia, did it have an impact on your experience of ADHD and atypical depression?

I have this hypothesis that if I could just solve my longtime poor-quality sleep problem, my longtime depression would go away and my ADHD medication would consistently work better and allow me to develop positive coping mechanisms. In short, life would be a lot more manageable. I have yet to get a sleep study, and see a drought of testimonials about my question, and mostly just want to be hopeful that my hypothesis is on the right track.

Not really pertinent to my question, but I'm putting it out in case anyone wants to read further:

I'm diagnosed ADHD-C, and not diagnosed with depression or a sleep disorder, but my life is a complicated menage a trois of that ADHD along with atypical depression symptoms and poor quality, framented sleep. I know the importance of recuperative N3 sleep and normal REM duration, and that various sleep disorders all cause problems with these sleep stages, so am assuming that all sleep disorders are equal as for my question. Some days I sleep relatively fine and wonder what the concern about ADHD and depression is all about, but I've never been able to sleep consistently well enough to gauge whether sleep is a chicken or an egg when it comes to those two things. I am 100% certain of a positive correlation between a pattern of bad sleep and my experience of worse ADHD and depression symptoms.

I look at atypical depression in particular because my sort of depression does not equate to dysthymic or melancholic symptoms. I have no accompanying symptoms of any anxiety disorder. My depressive symptoms seem to be reactive and go into remission at various times in my life. I carry a long-time fear of rejection (fed and worsened by experience) that limits my interpersonal relations, and I also seem to experience consistent, long-time fatigue through my life that is excessive for my physical conditioning and shape. I have a renewed interest in the significance of my depression in that I recently cut caffeine out for good, and notice a significant worsening of fatigue post-caffeine withdrawal, along with a significant increase in appetite. In short, cutting caffeine reminds me of how I was before I started drinking it - where my depressive experience originally started in adolescence amid the fallout of unmanaged ADHD. In addition to ADHD medication, I take a 75mg daily dose of bupropion and tianeptine as needed if I really want to chill out.

02-02-14, 05:12 AM
Ihave adhd, Bipolar II and insominia\late sleep onset type issues. They all go hand in hand however, since Ive found what works for me to treat my sleep issues, the depression associated with bipolar has been better.