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02-03-14, 08:00 PM
Same deal as the Poetry and Prose thread, except with short stories. I love writing, especially stories, so you may see a good deal of things here in the future.

I hope you enjoy!

02-03-14, 08:18 PM
A/N: I wrote this when listening to some soundtracks, and I suddenly had my inspiration for a small little piece. Not the best, but it felt good to write.

Dive Into The Imagination

Sometimes I look up to the sky, ceiling, trees, whatever is above, and wonder what worlds beyond my own are like. As I close my eyes, I begin to feel a great wind rushing over me with such great force that I am sent tumbling down through the darkness. I open my eyes, and all that can be seen is a gray cliff hanging above my tiny person, casting a great shadow over the azure ocean below, as sea spray leaps from the rocks towards the bright blue heavens above.

It feels all so real, and when my head smacks past the water below, a whole new world of underwater purity and silence opens up to me. The sun's rays pierce through the waves to unleash upon the seafloor a kaleidoscope of color from the iridescent scales of marine creatures, darting to and fro between the colorful coral crags that break up the soft white sand. My descent is slowed down by the water, and the sandy blanket below envelops me in its cool embrace, softer than silk, yet lighter than air.

Before I get my bearings, my body is thrust through the sand, and for a moment, I'm floating in the air. With a plop, I land face-down on a sandy beach. Palmettos and poinsettias sway in the tropical breeze, which carries with it the wafting aroma of pineapple and sunshine. Dolphins skim the water ahead, shimmering silver like the waves basking in the luminescence of the sun. Getting up, I take a step into the air, and carry myself through the currents of the air.

For the first time ever, I soar through the skies like a bird, knowing finally what true freedom is like. The world and all that I saw before is now below, dotting the round planet below in the most spectacular map nature could devise. Clouds open themselves up to offer a cool respite from the heat, with streams of air racing and twisting all around my corporeal form. I join them in their fleet-footed dance, and my head spins with the world as it changes position around me. With one final kick of my legs, I ascend upwards and upwards, before stopping, and slowly floating back down to the earth.

Unfortunately, my dream is over, for some indescribable entity or force from the real, outside world has shaken me out of me euphoric stupor. For a moment, I feel lost, destroyed almost. But with a small flicker of the sun peeking through to my face, the fact dawns on me for what has been the thousandth time in my life.

This place of magic and wonder is mine, and so long as I remember to go back, it shall wait for me.