View Full Version : Which brain hemisphere is the hypothalamic clock located in?

02-04-14, 02:31 PM
I was watching a video about how people with ADD/ADHD are essentially "time blind" in a lecture by Dr. Russell Barkley. Which is true, I'm terrible with time and time management. Then I watched another video explaining how the brain has an internal clock all it's own called the "hypothalamic clock" which is the body's 24 hour natural biological clock. Since I have ADHD and I'm extremely right-brain dominant (my right brain hemisphere is extremely dominant over my left brain hemisphere), and I am terrible at keeping track of time and arriving at appointments on-time and in-time (as Dr. Barkley puts it in his lecture), I was trying to figure out which brain hemisphere houses the hypothalamic clock but couldn't figure it out myself by reading and looking at illustrations on the internet. If anybody has any ideas on which brain hemisphere this blinded hypothalamic clock that people with ADD/ADHD have resides in I would like to know.


02-05-14, 06:30 AM
Send a PM to Amtram, she is my opinion of a brain expert.

02-05-14, 06:54 AM
Check this out... it has a good overview

Nice topic! I came across a book in the library that had some interesting info on time perception and how it varies between people. Cannot remember exactly tho' it was something like some see it as finite ( blocks etc. ) some see it as transient or fluent... sorry that's a little vague... if this thread grows and there is interest and no explanation.... i'll track it down for you...

Your question relates to the biological aspects, which the link above clarifies a little... I think you'll find that there is a behavioral aspect to this also... so it's not as clear cut as other things...