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02-05-14, 12:12 AM
I am starting to think I have OCD.

I have not really looked at anyone in the face close up ever without being tremendously nervous and looking away because of some small facial features that I am overly self-conscious about.

When I was a child I did go through a "washing" phase, I once woke up and my hand earlier may have gotten dirty or something, I smelled it and it smelled like something, so I would go repetitiously to the bathroom washing my hands with soap and then go back to bed and to soon be greatly irritated and this ended up with me crying and waking my parents up. I must have been around 9 or so. Around that period I also develop a weird skin condition because of excessive use of soap, I would also wash my hands at school. This stopped around that age.

I have intrusive thoughts, I have not gone out side to socialize in years and avoid it like the plague. Although I want friendships and a social life.

I am extremely stubborn, even with myself.

I get extremely obsessed about things.

I think if I did have it, it would be more obsessional type of OCD.

I for a long time also have thought that I may have ADD and Aspergers.

Please, I'd like to hear what you think, and I am open to answering your questions if you need more information.

02-05-14, 08:01 AM
You could have: obsessive disorder, social anxiety (or social phobia if you say you haven't gone out to socialize in years) or Asperger's. This isn't typical for ADHD alone. But nobody can give you a diagnosis from a post in a forum. You need to talk to a doctor.

02-09-14, 08:57 PM
Thank you for the reply, I most definitely am going to go to a doctor soon with these concerns.

02-09-14, 09:01 PM
Yeah, some OCD or perhaps Social Anxiety tendencies it sounds like.

Do you do things, like counting over and over in your head?

Do you check locks, alarms, scan things over with your eyes repeatedly?

04-10-14, 03:06 AM
The hand-washing does sound like OCD. The facial issue could be autism or aspie spectrum related, highly sensitive person (HSP), and/or sensory processing disorder. FWIW, I get facial overload but mainly with people in my family during a serious's like I could handle the same info 10 fold by