View Full Version : Focalin XR 40 mg Side Effects...Is Adderall Better?

02-05-14, 02:28 PM
I have been on 40 mg of Focalin XR for about two months. I was on 20mg but the doctor increased it because I couldn't tell a difference. I have been having some really bad side effects with it.
1. Constant stomach pain. It feels like my stomach is being twisted inside out (hungry feeling even though ate before) all day which can cause me to get a slight headache.
2. Burping and feeling full of air (bloated). I start burping about 3 1/2 to 4 hours in after taking my medication. Its lasts basically all day. I am having to force the air out to relieve some of the awful pressure. I also feel like I am going to throw up too.
I do eat before I take it. I have also found out that when I take 800 mg Ibuprofen with it I don't have any severe stomach pain. It lasts for about 4 hours but then the stomach pains start up again. When the stomach pains/cramps are so bad I lose my ability to concentrate on the task in front of me.
Just recently I have been prescribed Focalin 10mg (in the pill form) to take 6 hours after taking the XR since I start to lose focus and concentration at work/school. When I take this I feel the it immediately, obviously and I get a buzzing feeling in my head but stomach cramps and air as usual. I feel miserable. :( Is there any solution to this? Would adderall be better with no stomach cramps?

02-06-14, 06:17 AM
I have never done well on anything from the methylphendidate class of drugs. Amphetamines work best for me.

02-11-14, 03:10 PM
Have you tried eating yogurt with acidophilus ?