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02-06-14, 12:55 AM
I'm curious how long it's taken others to find a therapist and/or psychiatrist that you were comfortable with? How many did you have to see?

I find the whole process of finding a therapist to be so ridiculous and discouraging. I feel like I've been doing this for so long, I even made a list of my top four frustrations when looking for a therapist. What are yours?

1. It's basically like a blind date, with out the set up from a person who knows both of you and thinks you'd be a match. I thought having someone in the same healthcare network as my regular doctor would be easier, but they just randomly assigned me to a very recent graduate intern. I felt like I was talking to a high schooler. Wouldn't it make more sense for there to be some sort of preference and personality matching intake process?

2. When do people go to therapy? I can't imagine going during the work day, and then having to go back to work, potentially with red eyes. Plus, I really don't want anyone at work to know, but having to go somewhere at the same time every week is sort of a give away. Plus, I feel like a lot of the people I've talked to give me this attitude of not believing that I'm really committed to therapy if I don't just jump on whatever appointment time they offer me.

3. Many don't seem to "believe in" ADD (at least not for adults). I never talked about it with the last therapist and psychiatrist I saw. The therapist treated it like a non-issue, and the psychiatrist said it was too complicated to deal with ADD, depression, and anxiety all at the same time, so she just ignored it.

4. Not taking all insurances (or in some cases, any insurance). This is partly just my problem because I work for a small non-profit that has crappy insurance that not many people have ever heard of. But the first time I went looking for a therapist I had great insurance, went to a preliminary appointment with someone who seemed great, then found out she actually didn't take any insurance (yes, I've learned to ask first since then). I could have gotten reimbursed, I think, but who can afford to pay $300 out of pocket per week?

02-06-14, 03:34 AM
Psychiatrist, first choice.

I'm not into psychotherapy. I had tried CBT once when I was undiagnosed and unmedicated and I've refuse to engage myself in psychotherapy since. It was probably the last thing that should have been used in an effort to get improvement out of me.

Not that I'm advising you to do that. That is, to refuse to find a psychotherapist. I'm sure psychotherapy could do something for me now that I have a diagnosis and am taking medication.

I prefer to talk to my psychiatrist. He's probably like, nearing retirement? Which makes me think I might have to adjust to a new psychiatrist soon; something I've only had to do once. Took me a few visits to not feel self-conscious when I talked.

In regards to the not wanting to go to a therapy session on a work day and to return to work "potentially with red eyes" (I'm going to assume that's because you may potentially cry lol), you should probably just tell them this is the case.

Honestly though. I was happy with my psychiatrist because I guess at his age and position he sees a lot of ADHD in children and not so much in adults, but he is incredibly affable with me. I found him incredibly affable within the first 5 minutes of speaking to him. I don't think you should have to be doing "pre-therapy therapy" for months to get comfortable enough with the therapist to do the actual therapy.

02-06-14, 05:23 AM
its sort of like that love at first sight feeling. Except that its not a romantic relationship.

03-01-14, 10:46 PM
It took me 3+ years to find the right psychiatrist. After seeing 2 for a few years.. was no help. I would recommend finding a specialist that specializes in what you need. My doc specializes in bi-polar and sczophrenia, and is also good with ADHD. The first meds he gave me turned me completly around back to the old me. All my negative symptoms are gone now and I dont experience hardly any side effects from the meds.

07-02-14, 12:16 AM
its sort of like that love at first sight feeling. Except that its not a romantic relationship.

This a cracker of an answer ;) spot on.

I have been to a few over the last 15 years and the one I have been going to for the last 9 months is just great. The best way I can describe it is they just fit.