View Full Version : heading west

02-07-14, 09:47 AM
see, not we nor him nor she.
not scorn not morn, for dawn in three.

left abreast, and heading west...
blessed, to rest... it's where, you left.

talk the chalk, and cringe if felt,
a looks a look, a belt is a belt.

walls for safe, and safes for stuff,
sink in drink and play on bluff.

meander, dawdle, skip and scurry,
peek and sneak for sake of worry.

settle, summon, silent static,
more of measure, pre-extatic...

smash with lash and vent that urge,
trap it in, then sudden purge.

what is real, what is free.
i not you, not you nor me.

release and grab and grab again,
it is what is, it is on lend.

02-14-14, 08:31 AM
unspoken tokens, notions niggling,
eyes tranfixed while toes a wriggling.
trinkets stashed inside the drawer,
tennants clang under the floor.

smothered sauce and empty tummy,
animated discarded dummy.
chewing fat, and never swallow,
a great big trunk, you can knock... it's hollow.

sweating brow, in freezer room,
lichen grows and flowers bloom.
down for up and up for down,
in the middle, all around.

polite expletive slips the tongue,
fond of friction, everyone.
severed ties, under the bridge,
swamped by flies, and sacrelidge.