View Full Version : wtf is wrong with my brain

02-08-14, 06:46 AM
I keep feeling dizzy and spaced out

Lieing down doesn't help much

Also I keep getting strange ideas

Sarek knows some of the strange ideas I keep getting

wtf is my brain up to

doesn't it grasp the concept of stop it

02-08-14, 06:59 AM
I, too, would like to know the answer to this question.

02-08-14, 12:15 PM
The only way to figure it out is to keep bothering all the psychiatrists and therapists you can find until one of them gives you a good answer. I know that it is a pain in the whatnot under the NHS system, but it is the only way.

02-08-14, 02:50 PM
/bangs head on brick wall

NHS don't really have a clue how illness of any description feels

02-08-14, 05:05 PM
Sounds like they put the tranny in backwards! Ooops wrong forum sorry:p.sounds like either you need to eat something like lo blood sugar.a virus or vertigo, you can be dizzy if you have fluid in your ear/ear infection as well I think.try eating something maybe if you havent already.

02-09-14, 12:38 AM
Anything different lately? Too much caffeine? Too little sleep? Sorry, wished I could help more. :(

02-09-14, 10:00 AM
Maybe the fact i dont sleep very well idk

02-09-14, 10:09 AM
Maybe the fact i dont sleep very well idk

A slack of sleep is almost always the culprit.

It can make you feel things, or even see things, that you normally wouldn't experience if you had a healthy sleep pattern.

Perhaps try some melatonin or magnesium suppliments. It may help improve your sleep and the difficulties you're experiencing.

02-09-14, 06:18 PM
midnightstar: good sleep and good food, and lots of water, really help everything.

People who are feeling bad, for any reason, often don't do those things. You can't force yourself to feel good, but you can force yourself to go to bed at nights, and you can force yourself to get good food and water. Even if it's hard to do, it's worth it because it can fix a lot.

And yes feeling dizzy and spaced out can come from coffee or other caffeine.

The learning part of your brain cannot understand things like "no" and "stop it". The learning part of your brain just learns, that's all it does, and so it ignores this kind of messages. Instead of "stop these ideas", you probably need to tell it "do these other ideas instead".

02-09-14, 06:30 PM