View Full Version : Flashbacks about school

02-08-14, 04:36 PM
I been having flashbacks all day to when I got beaten up after school and at that same school i got cornered which has left me being unable to deal with crowds, I only just been brave enough tonight to share these memories with anyone (ie sarek, who is an absolute star when it comes to calming me down)

I fear a lot of crap, have done since they bullied me just for being a girl. All I ever wanted was to be accepted, can't they see how much bullying can affect someone's life? Fairly recently I even freaked out and ran off when several people approached me because apparently one of them wanted to get to know me a bit better.

Is it any wonder I learned not to trust people? Is this the reason why I let myself get abused by an ex and I have never had a relationship where I have been truly loved?