View Full Version : anyone done cognitive remediation (*not* CBT)

02-09-14, 11:31 AM
has anyone received a referral for this? that's specifically the folks i'm interested in hearing from.

i have recently, not for adhd, but sorta. for a co existing condition not listed separately in the sections and, no, i don't want to specify.

it's apparently good for when one has decompensated considerably (mine would be since about february 2008....or exactly then, but it's taken a nosedive since july 2012)...i have no idea what month it is now...marvelous. (march?) **** i'll prolly want to come back and edit that out IF i remember...which is one of the points if i recall correctly. ha!

anyway, it's supposed to be good and i'm slated to start in march and do at least six months but quite possibly a year. it seems like something that could be good for adhd as well and as i'm off my adhd medications this might be something of use in the meantime as i can't restart them until i'm overall set otherwise.

i'm nervous about it and i don't really know why. things i've been given to read make it sound like like a further indictment of me in a sense, like i'm really ******* far gone and i don't feel far gone, but then i also don't leave my house except to run in the pre dawn rain of late...and i've largely had my general life collapse i spose but i'm still kicking and that's what everyone seems so concerned about and they're shoving me full of meds so everyone should be happy and off my back...dare to dream. so then the question becomes if i am and really maybe it's just not possible or maybe i have a different concept of what that is. my memory is shot to shyte but that's pretty much their fault as well... i don't know. as i said, part of me feels like it's a further indictment against me but i guess it's supposed to help.

cheers to anyone who has a real idea of how effective this is or a personal story from having done. x

02-09-14, 12:17 PM
I have no experience with crt but it sounds good on paper. Wikipedia says the tasks are
e usually given on a computer? I wonder if I could download a program for it.

It sounds like it is for concrete thinkers. Wait it asks you to think about your thinking?

It sounds very similar to minfullness. The book mindsight is about thinking about thinking.

Be open to the treatment. Good luck and keep us updated if it benefits you.

02-09-14, 12:19 PM
i'm not a concrete thinker *at all*
i percent...thus the daily care checklists going unfilled/incomplete
and just generally...i'm not what you'd call "grounded"
which is entirely the problem in a sense ; )

i'm trying to "be open to treatment", i really am, but that's easier said than done
i do have cognitive and psychosocial blah blah blah issues so...but i trust my main outpatient psychiatrist so fingers crossed

cheers for your well wishes x