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02-11-14, 09:04 PM
Hello fellow teens/young adults. :) I just wanted to ask what your guys's experience have been using adderall. I haven't officially been diagnosed with ADD, though it's extremely likely I have it (disorganization, extremely hard time paying attention, irritability, forgetfulness and poor time management) My doctor/psychiatrist just started prescribing Adderall in place of Ritalin, which was starting to not work as well, and I wanted to see what you guys think about Adderall/any other ADD medication!
I'm on 30 mg of Adderall plus a half dose in the evening (kind of a lot) and this is my first day taking it. My experience has been mostly positive. This morning I took it with coffee after only 5 hours of sleep and I was wild and super hyper, but it wore off around half an hour later. I became calmer, but focus was still foggy and motivation was same as usual if not increased a bit. I did have a gross comedown which wasn't new to me since I was taking a high dosage of ritalin. However it makes me wonder if I'm taking too much, or maybe I don't have ADD and my doctor shouldn't be prescribing this...? After taking the 15 mg dose around an hour ago, I'm calmer and clearer instead of hyper and robotic.
So, how about you guys? What is your Adderall experience? Thanks for reading if you did :)

02-12-14, 06:27 PM
You could try a slow release pill!

02-12-14, 06:44 PM
I actually just started using Adderall again yesterday too. I used it for a month or two at a time in high school but I wanted to join the navy at the time so I took myself off of it. navy denied me anyways but its whatever. being a freshman in college wanting to move onto engineering school I decided I couldn't hide from it forever so im on Adderall xr 30mg in the morning. yesterday I took it around 830 on my way to my 9 AM class and it kicked in around 930, it was incredible, everything was suddenly clear and comprehensible, nothing was overwhelming and I felt like I could conquer the world. today I took it before I left for school after having woken up with a headache and I didn't feel anything special like yesterday, not sure why but all that I got was the headache for my entire school day. im honestly not even sure if it gave me any benefit today. but when it works it is seriously some sort of miracle. let me know how your experience with Adderall goes and we can maybe compare our findings, ive never had anyone who understands to talk about this with, my girlfriend is supportive but she doesn't exactly know what we deal with.

02-12-14, 11:34 PM
I figured out what happened today, I took my pill after I ate breakfast so it didn't take any effect until after I digested my breakfast. but yeah i'd try a slow release pill and im no expert but I wouldn't take it with coffee either, never tried it myself but taking a stimulant pill with caffeine doesn't seem like its gonna help too much

02-13-14, 05:52 AM
if you drink coffee AND have poor sleep, adderall is like completely ineffective. Now, I still drink coffee but I had to work my way back to the coffee after I was stable on the meds. Poor sleep for me = meds not working.

02-13-14, 06:18 PM
i never knew that, before Adderall I would sip on an energy drink while I read or played guitar to keep me at least a little stimulated but I don't drink coffee and I gave up the energy drinks like a week ago before I started on Adderall. how can you tell when you're coming down off of it later in the day?

02-24-14, 08:42 PM
Thanks for all who replied! :D It's been about 2-3 weeks since I started it and in my opinion it's really lost that "jittery" feeling. However, my parents and doctor cut me down to 15 mg since at 45 a day I wasn't eating for days and COULDN'T sleep. It was really nightmarish. It's definitely become easier to deal with though. Did any of you guys suffer the same thing?

02-26-14, 04:08 PM
I've been on 30mg a day and the only issue I'm having is that it doesnt quite last me as long as it should, the first dose or the extended release. i do find that my appetite goes away although ive never had it last me longer than 9 o'clock at night so i really couldnt tell you about lack of sleep.

a big part of using a stimulant like this is knowing what you should be doing, i mean this almost entirely about eating. if its been a while since you've last eaten or its around the time you usually eat, even if youre not hungry, grabbing even a small bite to eat isnt a bad idea as far as I'm aware. just because you arent hungry doesnt mean your body doesnt need the nutrition, calories, sustenance, etc.

but I'm glad its become easier for you to deal with.

the jittery feeling you mentioned, is it like the euphoric on top of the world feeling or do you actually get jittery? if it's the first of the two, its normal to lose that and it'll start to feel more like a natural transition from normal you to effortlessly paying attention and feeling more motivated and energetic like ive started to get when it actually works for me.

good luck! hope you work all the bugs out and keep us posted!

also ive got a thread going that ive been using to document my progress, check it out in the treatment and management section for adderall or idk if this link will work but its here too