View Full Version : Started Strattera, was on Ritalin. Ritalin didn't help...

02-12-14, 12:42 PM
Hi all,

Recently I've resumed ADHD medication, after being diagnosed with ADHD when I was younger. My doctor put me on Ritalin(Concerta XL) which helped me substantially, but also made me extremely nervous, and nauseous, and didn't aid my concentration very well.

He has now put me on Strattera(Atomoxetine), accordingly, I have read that Atomoxetine is particularly effective for inattentive ADHD. Is this true or is it rubbish? Would it be better to try something like dexedrine for inattentive ADHD?

Currently, I'm feeling rather mentally lethargic, very depressed, and tired, after starting Strattera 25mg. I hope that this will be over soon.....

02-12-14, 05:22 PM
I am ADD inattentive as well and I tried Strattera first. It was a month of Hell. Brain fog, headaches, constant annoyance, rage, lethargy, depression, sexual dysfunction... the list goes on. Didn't help focus at all.

Now I'm on Concerta, and I notice that it helps to a tiny degree. I started on 36mg, which is a medium-sized starting dose, and the effects are almost unnoticeable. No negative side effects for me though. I think I may ask to try something in the amphetamine class next month, but I think my family doc will refer me to a psychiatrist because he considered doing it before he prescribed Concerta.

I feel like Vyvanse or just dex would be most effective for inattentive ADD. I feel like Concerta would help with hyperactivity more than anything, as I know a guy who bounces off the walls when he forgets to take his Concerta. And when I take it I feel a bit dulled down like my mind just moves slower. Dextroamphetamine also is known to act less peripherally than Adderall's levoamphetamine component, so there is evidence to back it up.

02-12-14, 05:24 PM
And to add, the initial side effects of headache, lethargy, and fuzziness did subside after about a week.