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08-03-03, 11:58 AM
Yesterday I got my "lauching pad" in order. At first I was looking for a book self in stores that work for me. Then I realized I had something I could use that was already in my kitchen ! It was filled with "stuff" So I didnt think of using it earlier.

Cleaning the "stuff" off this lead me to other areas in my kitchen that I reorganized..... I went with the moment....

My kids told me they love what I did and said "the kitchen looks bigger" !

We may even be able to eat at the kitchen table again I haven't seen the top of the table in months. That's a hard thing for me to admitt... :o

I'm feeling so good about what I've done.....

Now I have to work on keeping this way.... :(

08-03-03, 12:06 PM
You man people actually eat on their kitchen tables? I knew my table had some other purpose instead of just collecting my

Great job cleaning. It must be such a great feeling.

You are right keeping it that way can be a real challenge. Maybe if you try to designate a specific time each day to mantain the area that could help.

08-03-03, 05:51 PM
Good deal Paula....keep it up:) And enjoy eating at your kitchen table:)

08-04-03, 12:12 AM
It`s great to hear that you`ve started to use, or have been using some of the stuff in the book!
I havn`t lived in a place where I could have one, but I will be moving to a one bedroom townhouse on campus. It`s going to be a small place (531sq. ft, including stairwell) so I`m worried about all my stuff...
Anyway, I was wondering how you`ve set your launching pad up. I need some ideas, so when I move in I can have on ready to go for me.
The main issue I will have is that I can`t really do anything major to the walls that will leave marks. I do have a three interlocking cube storage unit that I was using in my closet. I really want to cut back on the `junk area` I create when I come in the door and dump my stuff out on the floor near the bed. I also hate scrambling around in the morning.

Anyway, let me know what you`ve done, what you`ve tried, what works for you and why.


08-04-03, 12:36 PM
Not sure if it can be see real well.....

The baskets on the bottom right, I labeled each one with the name of who it belongs to....

I labeled 2 wire baskets that are on the top shelf....
' Mail in box' ..... Mail out box'

Middle shelf is labeled ' school projects' and lunch bags....

Bottom shelf on the left of bottom baskets are labeled
' Back pack only !'.........

On the side a added a shoe rack and a scatter rug under it .....

So far the shoe rack is working...One problem with it.... I keep saying " were the heck are my sneakers" Where they Imagine finding my sneakers where they

08-04-03, 09:21 PM
Looks great! Thanks for the idea! I have a interlocking 3 cube wire organizer that I think I can use for my launch pad. I think I`ll try having one for work, one for school stuff (knapsack) and one for things that need to be returned. I currently use it as a open concept dresser, since we live in a house where the various rooms are being used as bedrooms.. we have the `family room` downstairs, so although we have a fireplace, no closet. Only one dresser - it`s a 70`s style cheapie that my boyfriend bought.
Anyway, I put two milk crates on top of the cube thing, it`s set up two on bottom, one on right top, so the milk crates work fairly well.
As a launch pad, I think I`ll use the crates for things like bike gear I need to put on in the morning. Since I don`t have a car, I don`t have a need for a `take with you` box of stuff.
Do you find that things are being kept consistently where they need to be? My main issue with living here is that we did have a puppy dog (it was just given away today :() so I couldn`t leave stuff around or it would get into it. Also, living with roomates made it hard to feel comfortable with leaving my stuff by the door all the time. So I got into the habit of dragging everything I had with me to the bedroom, dumping it there. The used lunch containers never make it to the kitchen, so now there is a pile of `science experiments` of various micro-ecosystems in gladware on the floor outside our room.
I`m hoping that with a launch pad by the front door, since there is a space to put things down, there will be no need for things to get scattered around the other rooms. It might be a hodge-podge of things, but it`s going to be contained I guess.
As for the food containers, I guess it will be easier since the entrance and the kitchen are on the same level.
I don`t think we have a closet, so I might have to incorporate that into the launch pad...which will be a challenge, since the weather here changes a lot, we`ll need to have various coats on hand.

How long have you had this system? Does the mail in-mail out work well? I will have a mailbox in the commonsblock, so I think I will try to make it a habit to throw out any junk mail before it gets to the house. But as for how that mail is going to make it to my files properly is a mystery.

It is interesting though, how non-ADDers take it for granted about how habits and routines are made, but we think of routines in a different way... so it`s harder to have them/develop them. I find that once I have concretely `defined` a task into specific steps, it`s a lot easier. For example, making dinner... before I didn`t really consider cleaning up the dishes as part of the event, as I mainly categorized it as `consuming food` in my mind. Once I sat down and scrutinzed it as making food, serving it, eating it, cleaning up the wrappings, putting dishes away, it was a lot easier.

Anyone else feel the same way?
It`s as though the boundaries of what small tasks the event/routing has are blurred in my brain, but once I focus in on it, it fixes the problem for the most part.

I don`t know if that has to do with the book, to be honest, I havn`t been reading it, but I am in the process of planning the launch pad set up for when I move out.

08-05-03, 10:33 AM
Thanks Slowpoke !

I just put this launch pad together this past weekend. So I haven't had the chance to see if it works well.

I need the launch pad because I have 2 kids 8 and 13 1/2 and I can't spend other school year yelling and stressing out over where stuff is and forgetting stuff at home. It makes me feel like an inadequate Mom... Which I know I'm not... :cool: When they come home from school it's a mess also. Shoes go everywhere and cant be found the next morning. Back packs get drop anywhere.

I have a funny story.... My oldest had a habit of droping her back pack in the middle of the room. I ask and ask for her to move it. I told her it's not safe because on day someone will trip over it.... "yes, mom I'll move it" This some child had a sandwich in one and a drink in the other... Didn't see her own back pack, tripped over it and fell to the Her drink all over I jumped to see if she was ok, she was lying there Haven't had the back pack in the middle of the room problem

Your idea about the crates sounds good ! Maybe when you stack them you could use zip ties to keep them together and from falling over. Then I'd label which crate is for what.

let me know...........


09-03-03, 03:03 PM
I found a link on organizedhome that talks about the launch pad... I wonder who coined the term?
anyway, here`s the link...

09-03-03, 03:05 PM
Also, I would like to set one up... I have a bunch of milk crates I can use... and a shelf that is not being used right now, but it will be moved away from the wall/door soon I think.
What is your daily routine for keeping the launch pad working for you?
How do you maintain it so it works, I guess is what I am asking.