View Full Version : Strattera + Lamictal?

02-12-14, 05:47 PM
Anyone take both together?

44 year old woman. Exceptionally sensitive to medications. Currently on 50 mg of Lamictal and 36 mg of Concerta. The generic Lamictal (for Depression) works wonderfully, and I haven't felt depressed in a while now. I'm OK with keeping or even upping the dose.

However, the Concerta? A horrorshow. I'm in school now, and as soon as I hit something even a little challenging, it's like my brain shuts down, and the crying fits start. I had this on 18 mg of Concerta, and the doc increased the dose, thinking that I was taking too little. But now, it's worse. Like, I took a take home exam (I'm in school) for a subject I'm good in, and I alternated between doing the work, and having a 10-15 minute crying fit whenever I ran into a barrier. And the total crying lasted for hours - and this has happened repeatedly. So obviously, this is not the drug for me. It's like this with a lot of different stimulants, especially when they wear off.

Last time I tried Strattera (without Lamictal), 10 mg was great! But hardly any attention span. When it was increased to 20 mgs, I'd get shaky, and these weird spikes of self harm thoughts - like, I'd go to the store, see the bleach, and my mind would tell me that I should buy and drink that. This would happen multiple times a day.

I'm hoping that maybe the Lamictal will counteract that, so that I can try Strattera again. Anyone take both together?