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02-15-14, 12:29 PM
Hi guys,
This poem is for my boyfriend Franky, who has ADHD, and for everyone on this forum who has experienced the pain of being misunderstood because of something that was not their fault.

I. A teacher says
A teddy
Drawn in black
Hasnít followed the
Directions properly.

A little boy
Doesnít know
His naughtiness is not
Deliberate. But letís not

Awfulise. After all,
Diversity only
Happens because of

Disabled people just
Differences they didnít choose.

II. Freedom is the
Ability to
How you
Develop. But what if

All your flaws were pre-
Determined by the
Horoscope of your
Deformed brain? Fair enough to

Ask yourself:
Do I
Have to
Deal with this?

And you
Donít want
Help (and you
Definitely donít want to cry). Now I see the

Attraction of
Delusion and the
Hope of
Denial. But

Actually, you need to
Decide to see it as
Harry Potter did: itís the
Difference between

Accepting your fate
Dejectedly and
Having the strength to
Decide to embrace the challenge.