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02-16-14, 05:52 PM

I have a problem.

A sugar problem.


It's so sweet.

Started putting some in my food.

Then, before I knew it, I was hooked.

Cutting down today.

any other sugar addicts out there ? :)

02-16-14, 07:13 PM
It tends to take us ADHDers massive energy to get anything done. Sugar brings massive energy, when done right.

The right way is to have your sugar in fairly-constant very small amounts while you're actually doing work.

The wrong way is to do what you and I do. :)

02-17-14, 03:29 AM
Refined sugar is really bad stuff. I've managed to cut it all out of my diet this year (I did once before a few years back and felt great). It is addictive too.

02-17-14, 05:40 AM
sugar... sugar..


02-17-14, 05:48 AM
The thing is with certain addictions like sugar, its hard to cut down. Its some times easier to go cold turkey. You may find that you get some headaches and tiredness for like a week but it gets better. With the exception of smoking and caffeine, I am not a cut down kind of person. With sugar and alcohol I just had to stop it all right away. With smoking I am using an e-cig step down system and with coffee I have cut down from coffee all day to 2 cups in the morning and for the rest of the day decaf. This is just how it worked for me

02-18-14, 05:27 AM
It was good while it lasted.

03-05-14, 08:52 PM
I just can't seem to cease my sugar intake... 2-4 litres of Coca Cola a day and lots of candy. (it's a wonder my BMI is only 21 and no issues at all with my teeth...)

If I stop candy/coke CT I get so extremely depressed and aggressive after just two days. I mean to the degree that if a loved one says something that rubs me the wrong way, I berate, insult and criticise their entire beings and just inches from throwing punches and I have wrecked furniture more than once... :/ There is -no- empathy in me whatsoever.

Frankly, it was so much easier to quit my amphetamine habit than to quit sugar. The speed withdrawal had me severely depressed and suicidal but rendered me way too lethargic and apathetic to go berserk.

Sugar gives me nothing in return, at least the speed made me creative and productive and nearly granted me a record deal -_-;