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02-19-14, 07:40 PM
Hello all, for most of my life I have questioned if I had ADHD. But my parents always put it off as when I was a child as teachers told them I was different, but they didn't think I had ADHD.

Now in Grade 12 I cringe when I get my missing home-work list, vowing to do it when I get home only open the book and immediately lose focus. In the classroom I'll be staring at the teacher and the lesson, but will start to mentally drift off within minutes. I loathe mess but I live in a turmoil of loose papers and a grimy room. I am only writing this to example how my life is getting so negatively effected by this inability to focus and commit myself. I'm embarrassed when people ask me what I do outside of school, because I literally do nothing but binge-purge or mindlessly surf the web with whatever comes to mind.

TL;DR: life is being negatively affected by lack of focus.

I've told my mom I really want to get tested but now I am paranoid that I wont be able to get it because the doctor will think it's a ploy to lose weight. Is there anything I can say to her to show my sincerity?

(My "friend" whose exactly like me idiotically took adderall a few times without a perception and found that she felt more normal, not high like her other friend said she would, but driven and for once in her life fully focused -like a haze had left her mind. And her bulimia also went down. So if she too was concerned with getting tested you could see why she is desperate)

02-19-14, 09:44 PM
I do think it's worth bringing up. There's often an impulsive/compulsive aspect to bulimia that may be related to ADHD. Unsure about treatment options but it is possible that if the stimulants treat the impulsivity, they might help with the binging.

02-20-14, 02:03 AM
I do think it's worth bringing up. There's often an impulsive/compulsive aspect to bulimia that may be related to ADHD. Unsure about treatment options but it is possible that if the stimulants treat the impulsivity, they might help with the binging.

Thanks for the reply! I've always been very impulsive when it comes to urges. One of my friends who's older than me that was diagnosed with ADHD and has an ED said it would be very risky and hard getting meds with bulimia. But yet reading several articles on the connection between bulimia and ADHD it might actually help my cause. The doctor knows that I was severely bulimic in the past. (Used to b/p a gross amount of food 7-10 times a day, even during school)

Really there is no emotional reason for me to B/P other than stress that procrastination causes and some minor family issues. It's more of a way to feel some sick sense of accomplishment that I can seem to reach otherwise in life, also relief from my mind. I guess I am just extremely nervous that the doctor will just see me as a faker or just out to get drugs. Honestly I just want control of my life.

02-20-14, 07:31 AM
Not all adhd medication cause weight loss.

However, it's possible that, thanks to the bulimia, you're not eating enough nutrients and this could be the cause of your symptoms, or an aggravating factor, at least. So a doctor will most likely want to treat the bulimia first before starting any adhd medication. Also, there are many conditions that mimic most of the symptoms of adhd: depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, low/high blood-sugar levels etc.

You should really talk to a doctor about this anyway.

02-20-14, 07:32 AM
bulimia is directly , 100% associated with emotional regulation issues

02-20-14, 09:53 AM
I don't think it was the bulimia that is giving me no focus. I've always been like this. As a child I was much more hyperactive and obnoxious though.

And I've seen several therapists for my ED, non helped. I was put on antidepressants and all they did was make me feel even more disattached(wasnt even tested for depression). Now I only b/p once a day, I'm on a three day no b/p streak though. Nothing has changed in my family or emotionally, I just gained healthy weight.

Thanks everyone for the replies! I'll hopefully see my doctor next week.

02-21-14, 09:23 AM
There's a book called "Pieces of a Puzzle : The Link Between Eating Disorders and ADD" It talks about how treatment for ADHD can often stop bulimia overnight! It lowers your impulsivity and can reduce anxiety related to your inability to focus and the problems that are created by it. I suggest you by the book and encourage your mom to read it and bring it to your appointment at the Dr. I am being treated by an ED clinic with Adderall while in a seven day a week intensive program. I have anorexia and they still prescribed it for me.

02-27-14, 08:30 PM
Thanks everyone for the replies! I got prescribed 18mg of concerta xr a day. I really hope this helps.

09-27-14, 09:07 AM
I am 33. Have had bulimia for 15 years. Struggled with what I can now identify as binge eating disorder from my early teens. In the last 15 years I have sought treatment for the bulimia about 5 times. Each time I have been put on anti depressants. I've tried them all. Usually lasts about a month each time... then I stop seeing my doctor or psychologist... because nothinyg seems to help.

3 weeks ago I got diagnosed with ADHD. Started on ritalin. In 3 weeks I have B/P 3 times. This has gone from 5 times a day to 3 times TOTAL in 3 weeks. I have not lost weight. Actually gained 2kg in 3 weeks. But the amazing thing is I don't care! I am eating healthy and more energy and focus. And can resist the urge to overeat!

I suggested to doc I thought I had ADHD. Have thought about it a lot over the years but never brought it up with anyone for the same reason. I thought they would just think I wanted the Ritalin or dexies to lose weight.

But when I finally did some proper research into the symptoms of adhd.... I realised that I had sooooo many of them! And found plenty of articles about the link between adhd and bulimia / binge eating disorder. I know it's hard to get diagnosed as an adult. ... so went to my parents who wrote me a letter outlining the major issues that they had with me growing up. They dug out all my old school reports. I highlighted all the relevant comments. It was all there staring us in the face. I couldn't believe it had never been picked up. Comments like "gets distracted" "doesn't hand in assignments or homework" "frequently comes to class unprepared" "doesn't work to her ability" .... those reports plus the letter from Mum and dad as well as a very extensive list of "events" that have occurred with me over my adult life (dropped out of uni 4 times. ..change jobs.. get in trouble all the time for mouthing off and blurting stuff out without thinking. ..and just constant every day lack of focus and concentration that is far beyond mere procrastination). I sat in there for 90 mins and barely let doc get a word in. At the end of it all she cut me off and said I had textbook adhd. She said she understood why it had been overlooked in the past because bulimia is just there all the the forefront of everything. She said the bulimia is directly related to my impulse control issues and tentatively suggested that the treatment for adhd would help. 3 weeks later and she was absolutely right.

You're young and I highly highly highly recommend getting it sorted out now. If you see a shrink and don't like them then go to another one. Any shrink who is worth their qualification on paper will not dismiss it and will take you seriously. You know my shrink did not even say anything at ALL about the bulimia until I had gone through everything and she said - adhd. And I said what about the bulimia and she just said yes it's a condition in its own right but it is really directly related to the adhd.

You just have to get past GPs and psychologists to get the proper diagnosis. Here I am today feeling like a new person. 4 weeks ago I was sitting at uni in my psychologists office bawling my eyes out while she is suggesting I do a 21 day inpatient program for eating disorders and drop out of uni...and i said "I think I have adhd" and she dismissed it!!! She said "you don't have adhd" and that was it.

You know your mind better than anyone. Don't take no for an answer. And good luck!!!!

09-27-14, 10:34 AM
It's also important to note that there can be a link to ED's and ADHD I had OCD and Anorexia Nervosa (bmi 16 <17.5 is diagnostic) some years ago. :(

Wishing you all the best in getting some help :( they can try a non stimulant medication. The trouble is if you are purging that your heart will already be under strain and it really is pretty serious to give somebody stimulants If they have an eating problem also because of the effect it has on appetite. When you are poorly with an Ed (in some cases bulimia is worse in that it's not always as visible as anorexia so there can be hidden internal damage going on) your little body is struggling to keep all it's functions going and adding a stimulant to that mix can be a recipe for death :(

Also with ED's concentration can be affected and mood etc etc

Lots to take into consideration
But I'm wishing you get te help you need xxx please take care of yourself eating disorders are physically and mentally devastating to you and everybody around you ;(

05-30-15, 05:54 AM
im very sure, there is a link between adhd and anorexia or binge eating.

i think i was binge eating. when i started research, this expression was quite new, i think. and it scared me right away.
i wouldnt eat for weeks, but then came that days i wanted! to eat everything. and i did. but i never vomited, or wanted to be slim or something.

for all of the above (+ perhaps anxiety) its imo the same cause, but it might turn out differently, depending on genetics.

this all has nothing zero zilch to do with "mind", "will" and such ****.
your physically sick in the first place.