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02-21-14, 07:54 PM
I was offered some sessions of this and started it today. I'm fascinated by it and look forward to seeing what does/doesn't happen. From the way I understand it, the results will be sort of similar to those of awareness and meditation, in that I won't find a specific answer by seeking and expecting, rather I'll become more aware and changes will kind of take care of themselves, if that makes sense. Then again, it may not do a damn thing, but I'll get cool readouts of my brainwaves. :) I am in no way expecting it to "cure" anything, just bring about some relief to whatever's open to it.

My frequencies/waves were all over the place before we started, and were pretty even after. I was amazed at how closely the left and right sides were performing. Not so much in the before, but definitely in the after. The process involved having 4 wires on my head/ears, listening to music with the programming (squelchy sounds occasionally) while I was jamming (I can even take my own jammage and it'll work with the program - BONUS!). It lasted 33 minutes. (I suck at explaining technical matters, so please read the info for more accuracy.)

The woman administering it has been using it for a while with really good results in several areas. She started with the other neurofeedback process that decides the frequency for you, with very minimal and short lived success. This program lets the brain decide which frequencies to work with, from what I understand.

Anyway, I wanted to share it in case someone has experience with it or may want to check it out a little more.

By definition, the brain is a non-linear dynamical system. Zengar NeurOptimalŪ uses non-linear dynamical mathematics in a unique manner to give information to the brain about its own activity. Each microsecond the brain receives information about what it has just done. This information is used by the brain to "organize" or "de-fragment" itself, and when it does, a whole lot of unwanted "ouches" just drop away. Whether these "ouches" are emotional or physical does not matter -- you have only one nervous system. Zengar NeurOptimalŪ helps your central nervous system be the best it can be. And when it functions well, everything else- physical, mental and emotional, falls into place.

Training with the Zengar NeurOptimalŪ Neurofeedback system is a bit like going to a gym for the brain. You use all the pieces of equipment in a circuit and the result is increased flexibility and resilience. In the case of training the brain it is not necessary, indeed not desirable, to try to decide ahead of time what you think the brain needs rather than working dynamically in the moment with the brain microsecond by microsecond. Another mistake is to try to target individual frequencies, telling the brain whether to produce more or less of them. Doing this can destabilize the brain, resulting in unnecessary side effects. Zengar NeurOptimalŪ works in 16 different targets simultaneously, each frequency bandwidth balancing off another, so you never go 'too far' in any one direction. Training with all these frequencies also manifests in broad based peak-performance changes. Naturally.

Some clients want relief from a specific problem, some want their whole life to transform and some want peak performance in their chosen field. It is impossible to replicate even a minute of training, as the NeurOptimalŪ neurofeedback system adjusts to where your brain is, each moment. Stability is assessed continuously across sixteen dimensions, making the neurofeedback training particularly transformative and powerful, whatever the presenting complaint.

The practical benefits of the C.A.R.E. approach include a more powerful neurofeedback training that is quicker, with fewer side effects and more broadbased transformation.
I have no idea what the cost of sessions are for someone already established in the practice. I lucked into having a practitioner of other things decide to acquire a machine and dive into the study of it. She offered 6 free sessions and reduced rate afterwards. She said some peeps have experienced improvements with less. I'm a very willing guinea pig, totally trust her (she's also my Registered Dietitian), and figure it can't hurt to try.