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02-22-14, 03:04 PM
The more I read up on nutrition and ADD, the more I see FISH (mainly Salmon) mentioned. The problem is, I really don't like fish..

I do love tuna steaks, and I'll eat sushi, but I don't care for salmon, and even with that I do like, I'm still pretty picky.

I know it sounds silly, but I WANT to like it, as I WANT to add it to my diet.. anyone have any recipes out there that can help me ease into it?

I've been trying various things this past week that I've read on nutrition sites for ADD (eating hard boiled eggs and a higher protein intake and staying clear of carbs in the morning, etc), and it's had noticeably positive results.. so I want to experiment with more.

02-22-14, 03:46 PM
you know, fish oil capsules can provide a lot

and you want to be careful eating too much large fish due to mercury

for salmon specifically...are there preparations you enjoy more than others?

i'm a fish girl for sure, and salmon's a favorite...broiled, grilled, sushi, smoked, cakes, etc. but there are other foods that depending on preparation i can ease into.

what don't you like about it? flavor, texture? i would identify what you dislike and then find the thing that most masks it, then start working toward some nigiri : )

02-22-14, 04:29 PM
Mostly it's the aftertaste. I've read many times over that if "fish has a fishy taste, it was prepared wrong, or is bad", but that never made sense to me..
how is fish not supposed to taste like fish?

02-22-14, 04:34 PM
it should taste clean
not slimy or "fishy" insofar as not....

like, fresh fish tastes clearer and you can tell if it's fresh or not

well, rather, if you'd had spoiled fish, you'd konw the difference : )

if it's aftertaste, try more ginger in between sushi, add wasabi or lemon, have it in a salad with stronger flavours...or in cakes with breadcrumbs, lemon, fresh parsley, etc...overpower the taste and gradually work backwards

but yeah, always go fresh and use quickly for salads and fillets but tinned, or even frozen if cooked thoroughly, can be good for cakes/burgers type things. fry them and add some saucy something and put on greens and you'll hardly taste the salmon.

smoked salmon in pasta or on bagels or salads can be smokier than salmony flavoured so might be another option. though the smoking might reduce the positive properties because it adds a lot of sodium, i think. you'd have to read labels.

02-22-14, 06:17 PM
I like salmon fillet on the grill. Coat it with a little olive oil and I often sprinkle Canadian (Montreal) steak seasoning on it and even my wife and son (who aren't normally fish eaters) will eat it.

02-23-14, 01:03 AM
Seek out a small, independent grocer that sells seafood, if possible. Get wild, not farmed. Buy it the day it gets delivered fresh and freeze it if you aren't using it right away. I was told it isn't good to buy from the display cases because more of the beneficial nutrients are depleted the longer it's there.

Check out some casserole recipes, too. Throw some cheese, onion, and potatoes in there.....or rice....or quinoa..etc. That way you can mask the flavor with other stuff you really like. :)

I make a dill mustard sauce to put on it and love to grill it over charcoal the best. When I grill it, I add the mustard sauce after. When I have to broil it in the oven, I brush a little on it before I bake it, too. I don't measure anything: spicy brown mustard, a little lemon juice, fresh chopped dill, local raw honey, a little mayo or plain yogurt

This might sound crazy, but maybe try baking it with some bacon on it. lol I love bacon wrapped cod, tilapia, and scallops. Never thought about it with salmon since I love it so much. Be sure to cook the bacon at least until it's halfway done, if not a little more (cooked, but still pliable), before wrapping seafood with it, or you'll overcook the seafood waitin' on the bacon.

Have fun experimenting!

Edited to add: forgot this link with more detailed salmon info: - there's a menu of options to the left for FAQs, etc.