View Full Version : Adult ADHD specialists in Mpls area?

02-22-14, 08:17 PM
I'm in the search of a specialist in the Mpls area. I'm in Rochester at Mayo and can you believe that THE Mayo Clinic doesn't have an adult adhd specialist. I'm sick of seeing residents and having to fight NOT to change my dose or even my medication every time the residents change. I'll take any recommendations you may have!


02-22-14, 08:40 PM
Here's a link to a search I did on the CHADD site:

Twin Cities CHADD (952) 922-5761

And from the resource list at the back of "Delivered from Distraction":

Loring Family Clinic ADD Group (612) 872-9072

Good luck!

02-22-14, 09:07 PM
thanks, I'm hoping for a "personal" recommendation ...

02-22-14, 10:25 PM
Ah, I see. Afraid I can't help there.

02-22-14, 10:41 PM
come on, come and go and interview them pick top 5 ;)