View Full Version : Sure is lots of "types of anxiety".

02-23-14, 07:59 PM
There sure is a lot of different types of anxiety!

I'ven't spent much time in this section, recommendations appreciated.

Recently I keep running into a couple of questions:

-how many types of anxiety there is, what are the similarities and differences between mechanisms,types, etc..?

-how do these different types of anxiety affect development of brain/body areas associated with ADHD, especially during early development?


Peripherals Laymans

02-24-14, 03:21 AM
It can be quite confusing to identify the various types of anxiety as often forms of anxiety masquerade as others. So when personally looking for one's anxiety drivers, it is important to not only look at what appears on the surface but try and find the root cause.

02-24-14, 06:27 AM
My theory is that from gamete to 5 years... stressors all contribute to what is a so called "mood default"... or from a biological level... "our cortisone appetite"...

from there i think that behavioral "cruxes" merely serve to satisfy this hunger... so dependant on environment... one will adopt the "best stress" that is "in stock" near you.

now, from 5 onwards... that "rejection/containment/misunderstoodness" interacts with this and solidifies more wordly and complex bahavioral manifestations of this.... then add on top any tapes we inherit from parents and other mentors and we have the recipe for most of our anxieties.

This is the general primary factor I feel related to ADHD in EARLY DEVELOPMENT ... of course there are a few other types and reasons... ( for example sensory )