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PT Boat
02-24-14, 10:52 PM
Alright, so I'm currently 108lbs, 5'5", and a freshman in high school. My ribs are clearly visible. I really want to gain weight, (For sports and girls) but my concerta has been restricting my appetite.
Any tips for gaining weight would be greatly appreciated.

02-25-14, 04:01 AM
Eat a big breakfast before taking Concerta.
Eat more things like:
* bacon
* bagels
* eggs
* whole fat milk
* peanut butter
* hotdogs
* steak
* cheese
* mayo
* full fat cottage chese

02-25-14, 05:10 AM
protein shakes are your friend.

02-25-14, 08:41 AM
pizza and a couch! oh, and some movies :D

nah, turn your brain into lead... hmmm... that is an interesting question.... factoring in brain clarity......

carb% in dinner should do a little... but i wouldn't go overboard... actually that is a good point in general.... if you find something.... make sure the changes are very gradual....

maybe look into some sort of drink powder... that has carbs... you'd have to check up on how healthy it is but some of those "weight lifting" powders might be worth a look... ( as a small part of the overall strategy ).... EDIT: Oopsie... I see sarah mentioned that already...

other than that... nutritionist is the best bet.... some people have that sort of physiology.... i know about 6 poeple like that.... and only one has ever put on weight.... and they were drinking 5+ beers a day.... ( not advised )

what sports are you thinking of?

02-26-14, 11:01 AM
Eat a bunch of chocolate. Can't say that it works for me but it tastes good.

03-07-14, 02:20 AM
Perhaps these could help:

1-2 of these per day in addition to your regular meals, should do the trick.

03-07-14, 03:24 AM
Go visit your grandma. I swear I gain ten pounds every time I visit mine. Actually had to cut back on my visits because it was affecting my waist line.

On a more serious note eat before you medicate. Add protien powder into milk or something liquid as stims can make you very thirsty. Adding easy calories to your drinks via protien will help.

Work out. It sounds counter intuitive but working out will help metabolism and could bring back hunger cravings.

04-07-14, 09:59 PM
Add a bit of sugar to your diet.

04-07-14, 10:16 PM
Though I am a woman, it may be a bit relevant...
I was a tad skinnier and a tad shorter.. people always thought I was anorectic until they saw me eat (that was without meds)
When I was on Adderall I increased Ensure+ 's sales but what must be a significant amount (just to maintain my 000-petite weight -- no clothes in Chicago to be found arrrgghhh)

That said, now that I'm on Concerta and was a bit of a shut-in + getting old ---> I gained 25 pounds in the last 2 months (none of my pant fit past my knees)

My diet Always consisted of chocolate, pasta, bread, cookies and pizza -- nothing changed (except for ensure+ which I can't afford at the moment)

I think it was the hyper-part of my adhd, aka, I think that when I got out to work or whatever, I exert a Lot more energy and calories than normal people

My point (yes I have 1 or 2):
1) I feel you
2) Guys actually found it attractive for some obscure reason
3) It'll change, give it time
4) In college it'll be fun when people will want to feed you all the time
5) Some girls really like the lanky type
6) I was really good at sports (except for tennis maybe...)
7) after seeing my niece struggle with the opposite issues until she began to accept herself, I wasn't jealous of the chubbier people at all

06-24-14, 11:26 PM
Please look up SERIOUS MASS

I used half a bag in almost a week and actually gained 5lb I think, I stopped using it when I left college apt for about 3 weeks and going to start using it daily again starting tomorrow !

07-30-14, 12:38 AM
Working out helps.

Swats and dead lifts help muscles grow.

eclectic beagle
07-30-14, 05:08 PM
Wow, I can really commiserate with this. I used to have this problem, up until my last major job almost three years ago. I was unemployed, going to school, eating fast food a lot, and over the course of years I gained about 40lbs. I'm now 185-ish. Part of the weight came from inactivity, the other from natural slowing of metabolism with age (29 now). But, I decided to get a weight set so that a decent amount of it became muscle.

You'll probably fill out with age, but I still think diet and activity level play a decent role in weight gain/loss. Which I guess is pretty obvious.