View Full Version : Five Minute Lover

02-26-14, 03:10 AM
My five minute lover leaves just as usual,
The girl, walking confidently, unaware, yet oh so desired.
Appearing only when need be,
Dressed accordingly, just for me.

Through fog and road, she keeps her own,
For living is enough, the smile is priceless.
The glares exchange, no words are spoken
My smile is bolder, my only token.

She may vary from tall to short,
Makeup and coffee, her favorite resort.
At last, we speak, at last we meet
Souls connected, a wondrous feat.

The wedding was simple, small and formal,
Vows, and Bows, applause met with order.
Inspiration and exasperation were enough,
To shake the dreamer, as he wakes up.