View Full Version : A poem called a dream

02-26-14, 09:25 PM
When I was a child, my dreams were carried by my blood.
When I was a soldier, I saw only light in place of love.
When I was a man, strong and proud, my blood was carried by my dreams.
When I was old and ashamed, only darkness carried me.
When I died, I found what I was too afraid to see
When I was revived by love, I was given back my dreams.
When I came upon that time, I realized, I knew nothing
When I searched for meaning, I realized life is only to dream
when I followed my dreams, I found love,I found suffering.
I realized then I knew only nothing,
When I followed my dreams, I trampled over others selfishly
To love is to shed your blood for another mans dreams
Only then I knew love and I knew suffering
but I also knew peace
That was when I knew nothing is as it seems
Because I saw life as it means
I only know it because I saw it in a dream