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02-27-14, 03:40 AM
Okay Jacksper this is the time where I need help like the type of advice you give...

So, in mixed episode can't think straight.

Trying to get to psychiatrist.

Trying to see big picture.

Priorities: 1. Mental Health 2. Bella 3. Money

I need to make a step-by-step thingy, cuz my brain is losing it.

Some sort of external structure/guidance plan thing so I can refer to.

I dunno how to get to end goals.

This post is probably all over the place but thought I'd at least try to ask.....

02-27-14, 04:11 AM
Try writing out these things - write down the 3 priorities and just start noting anything that comes to mind (not structured at all)
then go back to it and find the important parts :grouphug:

02-27-14, 04:18 AM
Try writing out these things - write down the 3 priorities and just start noting anything that comes to mind (not structured at all)
then go back to it and finf the important parts :grouphug:


02-27-14, 08:35 AM

how do you feel about uncertainty? i mean... is there any chance that all the changes are spiking flags... and you don't know where those flags are stuck? so it's kind of like being thrown out on a improvisation game show...

i'm not so ignorant to believe that this is all perspective... how many times have you been here? what caused those situations? what eventually led to some footing?....

but yeah.... i was just wondering..... if your ok with uncertainty... or at least.... have you stopped to breathe.... to just see where you might be... find a landmark?

Real happy your looking at those other things too!

02-27-14, 08:40 AM
My health is on the line, I can't improvise.

02-27-14, 08:44 AM
Also, I'm declining rapidly, like, idk if even in a few hours or tomorrow I'll be even able to think in this way.....I actually can't currently.

My symptoms are fierce and I'm losing it fast.

It was an attempt to gain some control so I don't end know.

02-27-14, 08:46 AM
Uncertainty - not scared of that so much.

It doesn't have to do with "uncertainty."

Has to do with, life preservation.

Umm, "footing" hasn't occurred for me yet in this area.

How many times? I dunno. This is one of the worst times and honestly tired of hurting and fighting.

Dunno what causes it.

I don't know what's wrong with my brain and why it does this - but likely chemical imbalance stuff.

Breathing sometimes helps, but only so *minutely* def not big help.

Not sure what you mean by landmark.

But my mental health going steadily downhill and the fact I'm *slightly* willing to stop that declination is something that is likely good to not let go of....well, not holding on, its just there. for now. (not all the time)

also, dog dying of liver disease and needs immediate medical help isn't something I can just let "exist"

I don't see how accepting uncertainty when clearly that is not the main concern would even help this situation other than to let it run it's course......which, i cant handle anymore.

Sorry I'm ranty and ragey and had to edit this a lot to try not to come off as offensive.

02-27-14, 09:39 AM
Bella, I'm so sorry you're stuck and lost and I wish there were something/someone you could hold onto to anchor yourself. I totally understand the dilemma. You need money, therefore you need a job. In order to get a job, you need to be somewhat stable. In order to be somewhat stable, you need a psychiatrist, quickly. In order to see a psychiatrist quickly, you need money.

In other words, society sucks. I don't know where you are/ how close to a university/major city, but there are often places that will take you on as a patient (often more therapy, but maybe they'd be able to refer you to someone who'd prescribe) on a sliding scale basis. I know, for example that the Jewish Community Center and a woman's health center near where I used to live both had such programs.

(That's another suggestion for reaching out for help. I know your faith is important to you, have you found a church? They may have a pastoral care team that could help you both practically by pointing you in the direction of services, but also spiritually).