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02-28-14, 02:17 AM
I'm not condoning the illegal use of marijuana or anything but I'm kinda just wondering. I'm sorry I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this violates the forum rules 100% about illegal substances.. if it does I'm really sorry.

Well I'm a senior in high school right now.

I used to be a studious person and prioritize and manage my self well. I was even the valedictorian at my high school for a bit

Okay well I started smoking in the middle of my sophomore year in high school, but ever since then I even feel slower, inncapable of comprehending subjects, and I can't even concentrate on something very long. I over analyze things and think too much about what I'm doing. I'm not very attentive, and forgetful, and even when I'm focused on something because it's really important I will take maybe 20-40 minutes to write a short email. I cant find the right words, I can't talk right anymore(as in what I say doesnt come out right) stuff like that, and its been nearly a year since I stopped smoking. I've researched just a bit on this topic and some chronic marijuana users feel like they have adhd, but after long periods without use they feel these symptons go away... I mean obviously it was just the effects of what they were smoking because they said it "just went away." the reason I'm concerned is because I've never felt the same, like I didnt go "back to normal" like these other people did.
Well with scholarships being due and college crud stressing me out, I knew myself and that I needed a way to be more a effecient to do these things, which is bad (dont do it) so I got 2 adderal pills, not sure what mg just pink and round. And I didn't want to go crazy with these things so I only took a little more than quarter of the pill when I wanted to start something.
Anyways I've taken them a couple times, and I wasn't super attentive (like i couldnt recite an entire story you would've just said ) and I wasn't jittery. But I felt like normal?? I know this is kinda weird... but I could tell this was how I used to feel and be like before I started smoking. And this really concerned me. And I know it's just not right to self diagnose, but I feel like I may have something like add, I kinda just want some feedback or advice/guidance...

And once again *not condoing use of illegal substances*

02-28-14, 05:14 AM
Well I dont know if MJ causes permanent damage but stimulants almost always affect people in a positive way so your reaction would not be a confirmation of anything, just that your took adderall.

02-28-14, 05:35 AM
Meds for ADHD are commonly abused among college students. I guess I am not understanding why you aren't talking to a doc about this? No insurance or something? I don't think the pot smoking from over a year ago is affecting you either way. That said, I am certainly no expert.

02-28-14, 06:49 AM
seeking diagnosis... doubts/questions in this regard are less relevant because the majority of symptoms and behaviours can be linked to patterns in childhood...

i smoked cannabis for so long i can honestly say that i do not know what normal is... it's the side things... passions... reading.... social interaction... or moreso the contrast on meds that truly highlight these areas for me... so i never really had the scholarly outcomes... only on rare occasion when things profusely interested me...

the area that i feel is perhaps most permanently effected from long term cannabis use is "cognitive snappiness"... chewing gum in the gears so to speak...

the adhd is a permanent clutch...

hope that helps