View Full Version : Any good Pyschiatrist In Melbourne?

03-01-14, 11:10 AM
I live in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne towards Dandenong /Cranbourne direction if anyone can point me to a good experienced psychiatrist.

I have put off help way too long and now in my 30's I have hit rock bottom and need help to get my life back.

I am on a disability pension and wondering how much will it cost me for the consultations?

I dread seeng a shrink because I have had horrible experience in the past when i first became disabled and sought some help to cope with my disability but instead i found some uneducated, arrogant psychologists who tried to dismiss my diagnosed condition of "Autonomic Dysfunction" as being just a simple case of anxiety.

Last thing I want is an anxiety label on my record because I have some very serious medical conditions that should not be undermined by a wrongful diagnosis from a shrink. So if anyone has had good experience with a pyschiatrist in Melbourne I will be etrnally grateful if you can send me a message with the details. Thank you