View Full Version : Post SSRI Erectile Dysfunction

03-02-14, 12:02 PM
I have been seeing many people on internet forums talk about this. Many are claiming that after they got off antidepressants, their normal sexual functions never returned. Has anyone else experienced this? Please don't be embarrassed to talk about this.

03-02-14, 03:05 PM
I can't think of a better form of population control. They put kids on this stuff at a young age, and then when they get older, many won't even realize that this is what is causing their sexual problems. Many will lose interest in relationships or having children. Others will jump around from one girlfriend to another, thinking that the previous one didn't turn him on. Others will adopt perverse activities, such as extreme porn or swinging, to try and find something that arouses them. The next way they could control the population is to encourage homosexuality in schools, media, and legalizing gay marriage. Two people of the same sex can't reproduce (I hope I didn't offend anybody with the last part. I believe that many homosexuals are truly bisexual and have chosen this lifestyle.). The most interesting part about the mass drugging of our society is that it isn't affecting the lowest classes of "useless eaters" in our society (as the gov't considers them). This is screwing-up the middle classes, that can afford these type of treatments. While the lower classes who can't afford them, continue to breed endlessly, at our expense. This is harsh truth that will probably offend someone.

There was a commentary made by famous journalist Paul Harvey, back in 1965, called "If I Were the Devil". In it, he warns about the government and pills. Its an interesting commentary, even if you aren't religious. You can easily find this commentary by searching youtube.