View Full Version : panic attacks and feelings of dementia

mrs. dobbs
03-04-14, 01:01 AM
I have been feeling like I am having some kind of progressive decline in my sense of orientation and thought/feeling organization... along with increased panic attacks. Especially since I got this virus and a vaccine. But it started before that.

I can't seem to get adequate medical attention for this sort of thing. For example in the 20 years I have been seeing psychologists and psychiatrists and have had visual disturbances, derealization, dizziness, unsteadiness and the like... I have not once gotten a referral to neurology.

I feel like there is some organic process at work now, perhaps having to do with inflammation. My mother has a history of diffuse white matter changes in her brain and I have a high genetic predisposition to Alzheimers. I hope this is just my anxiety talking but I don't quite think it is.

I just don't feel right and lately my panic attacks have been unmanageable by CBT due to thought and feeling disorganization. I feel flooded by impressions, deja vu, thoughts and feelings that are out of context, seemingly unconnected, and just kind of random.

I am not dealing with my unhappiness and isolation very well. Let alone financial stressors. I am seeing no way out. I am feeling a bit desperate and hopeless. I am tired and tired of feeling tortured or like I am barely hanging on. My mental illness is feeling more and more unbearable and my function has declined drastically in the last five or so years.

03-04-14, 02:09 AM
((((Hugs)))) I can relate in several areas. I've no solutions or explanations, but I've got big shoulders and big ears if ya' need 'em.

mrs. dobbs
03-04-14, 02:58 AM
Aw ((((((Unmanageable))))))) I hope you are doing allright.... thank you ... I am here for you too.

03-04-14, 03:15 AM
I wish i could do more than just send you more hugs, ms dobbs. I do know that several research efforts in neuroscience have quite recently been exploring the connection between infections and types of neurological issues.

03-04-14, 04:25 AM
Lots of hugs from me too. I hope you can get some help soon!! :grouphug:

mrs. dobbs
03-06-14, 02:41 AM
((((((((((((sarek))))))))))))))) I need to look into the latest research. That kind of research and information apparently hasn't reached CBT therapists yet. I wish that mental health professionals weren't so skeptical and jaded. I have been aware of the link between infections and OCD for over 15 years... sigh.... They want to say that it is merely anxiety over having an illness. It isn't.

mrs. dobbs
03-06-14, 02:41 AM
Thanks Fuzzy. I hope you are doing ok too. :grouphug:

03-31-14, 08:16 AM
What doctor said about your anxiety disorder? have you ever took an electric shock.. May it helps you.