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03-04-14, 03:04 PM
Since I have a bit of free-time,this Tuesday afternoon.:) I figured I'd post a thread on a very common sometimes,serious chronic neurological disorder.It's starts in childhood & similar to ADD/ADHD. In all cases it's symptoms continue to show themselves in adulthood.

It's called Developmental Dyspraxia(Known to most people in the U.S. as Developmental Coordination disorder.)

This neurological disorder affects up to 50% of those of us who suffer from ADHD & many of us have probably never even heard of it.:eek: So to any of my fellow ADHD ladies & gents who've never been good at sports, guys especially (Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey,etc.) For any women with ADHD who've never quite been able wear a pair of heels with taking a tumble or decided gym-shoes, or even barefeet might match your dress better than those heals.:lol: This is for you. :cool:

03-05-14, 08:31 PM
This makes intuitive sense to me, knowing the significance of dopamine throughout the whole body, but it's not something I've seen proven as a real correlation to ADHD (your links don't demonstrate the link strongly). I do, in fact, have a lot of coordination issues as well (gait, penmanship, dancing, etc).

I think the $25,000 question is whether developmental coordination and ADHD have a positive link to Parkinson's disease so that we really know what to look forward to when we get older.