View Full Version : Don't know how to complete this

03-05-14, 06:14 PM
Don't know how to complete this
A thought never spoken
A word never written
What's this pain I've found?
Yesterday I was numb,
They were blind,Some were deaf, and I was dumb
The dead work in mysterious ways.
Digging up old graves in the ground
All the things we cant save
Never made a sound
But their echo is left around
And as we drink and sip tea
Pleasantly we smile as we know we're all hell bound
The table hides our demons
The one's we don't believe in
Games are played as we dance around the grave
It's another word, another one we cant say
And my hands shake, a silent tremor that I can't contain
And that was when I knew the cup was about to break
Once, I thought it'd all end the same
Now I don't know how to complete this
Maybe ignorance is bliss