View Full Version : Anyone have a decent oven cooked steak recipe?

03-05-14, 08:17 PM
Title says it all. Mainly just curious as I'm tryin different recipes. I'll look it up but if there are any you know feel free to reply. Thank you :)

03-05-14, 09:29 PM

Take your chicken roast recipe and substitute steak. Cook for an hour or so longer than you would cook chicken.

03-05-14, 11:11 PM
My favorite oven method: I like to brown them in a little butter on the stove top first, then stick under the broiler for 4ish or so minutes on each side (that's just a guesstimate). I prefer my steaks medium well.

Some of the tougher cuts, I like to put in the crock pot/slow cooker with a little butter, some mushrooms, onion and/or garlic, some fresh cut rosemary, and a little splash of Worcestershire sauce and/or red wine. That would work fine in the oven, too.