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03-05-14, 09:26 PM
Last night I was stupidly/impulsively 'destroying evidence' (actually I was just trying to erase sensitive information on a piece of paper), by burning it and when the flame got too high and blew it out and got ash all over me. Inhaled it and then woke up this morning with a burnt taste in my mouth and no matter how much I eat I still can't get the taste out.

I often have this residual stimuli experience from smells and tastes.

Not sure if it's synesthesia or just... well I don't really know.

It's really starting to irritate me.

Usually when I get the scents I will smell something else and it's gone. But taste is different. I feel like damn smoker and I'm not one. I hate the way smokers smell.

03-05-14, 11:59 PM
I'm beginning to think this is a psychological problem. Damn.

Is it because I said smokers smelled bad? I was just stating a fact.

I actually feel like I've escaped a burning building. Even my eyes sting.

03-06-14, 01:22 AM
It's ok, I worked it out. I'm dying.

03-06-14, 01:26 AM
You still taste ashes because you still have ashes in your mouth, even after eating. It's because the particles are tiny and stick to things pretty tightly sometimes.

03-06-14, 01:54 AM
That could partly be true but doesn't explain the other symptoms.

Wish chocolate particles could stick to my tongue.

03-06-14, 02:02 AM
Wish chocolate particles could stick to my tongue.
:lol: Yes, that would be better. :)

03-06-14, 11:35 AM
I sometimes have a similar issue (though it's not nearly as annoying as yours) with sounds. I'm very sensitive to noise and sleep with ear plugs, but sometimes, if I put my earplugs when my neighbor plays loud music, I will hear it in my head, even once the music stopped. If I want the music in my head to stop, I have to remove the ear-plugs and listen to the silence for a couple of minutes. This sucks sometimes, because it's rarely perfect silence and I'll just find another noise that I'll obsess about. Luckily, my neighbor isn't that noisy and, most of the time, I put my earplugs in when my PC is still on and the sound of the ventilator covers pretty much anything else- this is the main reason I love my old computer. And this only happens if it's an annoying sound, not a pleasant one, like rain or thunder. I think this is related to a small glitch in our psychology: if you try to not think about something, you'll end up thinking about it even more (the classic example: don't think about a pink elephant!). In theory, the key is to let you brain do what it has to do and think about the pink elephant till you get bored of it and you push it out automatically. Or to think about something else. But if neither of those things work, I don't know what to do.

And smokers do smell bad and most of them even admit it.

03-06-14, 01:10 PM
The smoky smell clings to your hair, your skin, and the hairs inside your nose.

Take a bath/shower, wash your hair, use a neti pot or something to rinse your nasal passages.

Get outdoors in the fresh air to clear your lungs.

These are all things that work for me when I'm exposed to smoke of any kind.

03-06-14, 04:48 PM
Smoking makes you stink and it's almost impossible to get rid of the smell. I would have to brush my teeth, scrub my skin in the shower wash my hair and all my clothes after every smoke and there might y still Be some residual smell. Poor little smokers... :(

03-07-14, 01:05 AM
Ah yes, it's gone. May I use my brain before burning paper in a kitchen again.

I also had an allergic reaction to flea medicine and I could smell lemons, not walk properly and felt really fatigued. Although I experienced a little of that today too.

03-07-14, 11:56 AM
Ah yes, it's gone. May I use my brain before burning paper in a kitchen again.

At least you had the brains to do this in the kitchen. I did it on the window of my living room and the wind blew the ashes and burning piece of paper right inside the room! Luckily the paper burned to quickly to ignite anything else.