View Full Version : I can see you now

03-09-14, 04:12 PM
I can see you, even now, its just like the day she died.
I watched as you couldn't cry.
You thought it was brave, but I was ashamed to watch you hide.
Now, even as you try, they rob you of your pride.
Its a funny thing to think how I was afraid.
Feels like yesterday.
I never understood you but I can hear you now
Your voice once was loud
So proud.
Now I can only hear the mechanical sounds.
The wires
I can see the shame in your eyes as they took away your light
Though you are alone you would probably still hide if you could hide.
As you have always done, just like the day she died
I often wonder if you have any regrets?
Perhaps the day we met or the day I left.
Suddenly it seems I can hear you inspite of your voice being so quiet,
in spite I do too
You've been through hell and back again I wonder if hell was kind to you
Though it hurts I can feel compassion and anger.
My god will I always be so angry, how can I be so happy to be the angry one?
Had a heavy head the day I was born, though you Held it high.
Perhaps that was why you chose to hide.
Its hard to gain and lose just to watch what you love die.
Maybe thats why you bled me dry.
Maybe thats it.
Whatever it is I now am the one holding your head up as your spirit whithers and dies.
Perhaps this is love, if so should I be like you?
Pretend there is nothing I can do.
Even as the light will illuminate.
Suffering is too easy, to care is an act of faith that leaves our wounds spilled open.
Bleeding out from scars that may come.
A serpants tongue may fall upon our ears but should I listen?
Should I give in,
and let sin pass on,
from a proud father to a forgotten son.
anguish seeks but one.
Nothing is unborn,
nothing can be undone.
Even now I can hear your eyes whisper,
in spite of my tears, you're sorry.
For the first time in my life I know fear but I wont hide.