View Full Version : Self medicating vs. abuse vs. addiction - where to draw the line?

03-09-14, 05:41 PM
When a pdoc is deciding to use stims or not? It's obvious if the person was dependent, but what if they just used it occasionally?
What if it was like using opiates or something else besides stims? And only like once every few weeks or month but persistent, like for years? just one dose, and a small one at that. If the individual never built a tolerance to opiates. Yet they still self medicate with pot and cigarettes daily.

03-09-14, 06:31 PM
I think this is very much dependent on the individual doctor and the individual patient. No solid predictions can be made.

03-09-14, 07:17 PM
That's like the best quote I heard in a year. I think add people are more using their heart for consciousness Than their brain. Thoughts?

03-10-14, 05:49 AM
This is how I like to break it down.
Dependence: You are reliant on a substance to function normally daily or are slowly building a physical need for it and it COULD lead to addiction but not always.. For someone taking something thereaputically this is a good thing. For someone taking medication to get high this is going to lead to a path of addiction.

Addiction: Not only do you need a substance to function normally but now you need it to function at all. you cant stop using it.You will stop at nothing in getting the substance, you will block out all of the other things in your life in order to use it, you freak out when you run out of it and you have nothing but negative consequences in your life by using it.

Addictive behavior: Doesnt quite mean you are loyal to one substance but you like most substances because of how they make you feel. You get into a habit of using a substance of one kind or another a few days in a row and are able to stop for a few days but eventually start using one of those substances again.

Medication misuse/abuse:
You dont need the substance daily and a few weeks may go by in between when you use the substance but everytime you get it you cant take in in the way it was prescribe, by either taking more, taking it more often or taking it in a way that could never be considered healthy. {ex: snorting or injecting, never a recommended way to take anything}

of course these are just my opinions.