View Full Version : Everything has a story

03-09-14, 10:42 PM
Everything has a story, Everything has a home,
From the pebbles and DVDís to the birdís falling in love.
Pants on the floor, shirt on the chair, tired and unappreciated,
Travelling back to the fingers of forced labor, tired and unappreciated.

The drips became drops, the flips and the flops,
Neurons flaring, I would not dare, could not stare,
At anything, something, which had no tale.
Everything and Everything, no flaws to share.

With no rejection, stigma, no resignation,
I turned back the seen, the unseen and the forgotten.
Flipping through pages, rewinding the tapes x8 x16 x32,
I was running on fumes without any hint of a meaningful clue.

Whizzing and whirling, I could not stop, breathing grew harder,
I passed my birth, my death, my ancient primal ancestor.
Miles and miles of gasses, spinning, fuming, cooling and laughing,
Turning in, a dime, a flash of light, our oneness was found, a miraculous sight.