View Full Version : Exodus

03-10-14, 12:34 AM
Dig in the well we all choose to believe in
What lays before you is a smiling sin
Bury a burden as deep as you can
Whisper the name of what might've couldve been
Theres an echo called empty
And it's ringin again
Whisper what is written,
in your heart and on your hand
You can hear the pen smiling
Laughing at what has been said
Fix your eye so deeply, on what could've might've been
Write with fingers cold as steel and as fragile as tin
Burden is a heavy heart that wont ever forgive,
Smiling with teeth grinding something so grim
Tip your hat to the idols that would've, could've might have been
Stamp your approval and bury the soulless pen
There's a well called empty and it's rising from the sand
fade and smile at what you can no longer pretend
A thought is replaced with a maybe as the page drifts to an end