View Full Version : 36 days later on lamotrigine how long till it works?

03-10-14, 01:58 PM
I've been titrating up by 50 mgs every 5 days, per my doctors instructions.

My target dose was 300 mgs and that's where I reached about 2 weeks ago/10 days ago. At 50 mgs my depression went away almost instantly which was very strange. I had crazy nightmares and terrible insomnia.

At 100 mgs I had agitation but then it went away and I felt calmer. I generally felt pretty stable at 100mgs.

At 150mgs I felt fine at first but started becoming very angry and depressed.

At 200 mgs I felt spacey and dont really remember much

At 250mgs I still felt spacey

At 300 mgs I cant concentrate. Words and letterings dont make sense. I look at the word been and it doesnt look right. I am starting to not recognize simple things. It's hard to explain.

Do these side effects go away? When does it work exactly? Thanks

03-10-14, 04:59 PM
Why don't you stick to 100mg?

300mg is on the high side for bipolar anyways.

100mg may be your optimal dose.

03-10-14, 06:58 PM
I wasn't sure if it was supposed to work that fast. I feel terrible on 300 mgs, but I assumed the side effects went away after x amount of time.

03-10-14, 07:01 PM
it's quite possible you are taking too much. tell your doc what you've written here- see what they say.

03-11-14, 05:59 PM
I am not sure yet, when I go down I get manic. I can tell because it feels like this tremendous amount of energy. It kinda creeps up on me if I take a dose later than expected. I switched it to 150 mgs twice daily rather than all at once and it seems better now than it was. I won't say everything is great but I don't feel depressed and don't have the super high energy I get sometimes.

The high energy isn't related to adhd or the meds. It fluctuates seasonly or sometimes every 1.5 years. I have it down to a science as far as my bipolar goes. Every 1.5 years I'm up or down mood wise and seasons determine my energy level. I can trace it out through my entire life...which kinda sucks lol.

If I'm right, I'm due to start entering the manic side of things by may which will last until september of next year. So I kinda feel like I don't have a lot of time for this to work, because of that I think I'll just stick with it because I've questioned my doctor many times but the man is a genius and generally knows what he is doing. That's the only doc I've regarded as such.

If anyone knows when it worked for them or their bipolar I'd appreciate it?

Oh yes and I will talk to my doc about it.