View Full Version : The Black Market of ideas

03-12-14, 09:52 AM
Capture an idea as though it were gold.*
Dont know it, but you package it to be sold.*

Give it a pretty image, a label a price tag to think.
Sell a philosophy as an idea.*

Turn your ear, open your pockets and tears. Holding onto an idol, crafting it from plastic presence and peers.*

Certain ascendance burns waiting for you. The thinkers are all pennyless as the thoughtless turn a profit

What it means, will cost a dollar or two. Creativity is gone and given to few. It's a rare commodity that gets fed from a spoon.

We pay to share it. Think it. Or wear it.*

Should we see what was taken from it?

Would we take back what was ours to begin with?

Can you own a philosophy or an idea?
Can you copyright it?*
Can they censor us, silence us by laws that take whats already given to us.

To think is no longer free, so speak carefully because someone may already own the rights to all that you think and all that you see, till one day there's a barcode on you and me.

You are no longer in the land of the just or the land of the free

That'll be 99 cents please