View Full Version : Poem: Criminal By Habit

03-14-14, 01:35 PM
Through habit alone, Iím made a criminal
Societyís restrictions, I paid the toll
The question that arises, would it be the same?
If we were to start over and begin again

Through habit alone, I stand alone
Stereotyped suspicions, weaken bones
The question that remains, would it be the same?
If the system collapsed and began again

We pass the torch without any thought
Never seeing the lighter, which really brought
Rules and Regulations, Tools and Conservations
What would occur if I put out the flame?

The stick is charred, the night is dark
Fingers are pointed, the ill, isolated
Chaos by frustration of the unknown
We need one to blame, we need one to condone

The master, the beast, he broke tradition
Which began by accident, a wrongful prescription
The dice are rolled, the deck is shuffled
Burned at the stake, my cries are muffled

The felon is gone, our torch can now burn
Back to 9-5 jobs, money to be earned
Back to sealed lips, back to the past
The torch wielder wonders, how long will this last?