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03-14-14, 04:56 PM
I have a big issue and that is going to class. I'm not sure why, but ever since the start of my spring semester, it has been hard. For starters, I tore my ankle ligament at the beginning of the school semester. This made it tough to move around campus. The campus I live on had horrible weather. The wind chills would leave the temperature below 0. For the first couple of weeks, I would e-mail my professors, and they were understanding that the weather bothered my ankle too much.

However, another force behind my inability to get myself to class is my disorganization and a feeling of dread. I used to spend my weeks barely getting any sleep because I was so busy with college work. I had to drop one of my classes because the material was a too-content heavy course. I had trouble keeping up with my readings and writing out notecards didn't help me. My hands barely want to write because I'm writing so much for my other classes.

I take a Business Communications, Introductory to Computers, and a Topics in Literature class. I find myself already having to do a lot of long assignments for my Computer class. It's difficult to find answers for the interactive summaries and despite studying for the first exam, I got a C. The professor gave us a study guide with all of the questions that were going to be on the test. I filled them out and studied them. However, the information I got from the book for them were not similar to what he was looking for on the test.

I already don't do well with true or false anyways. I think too hard about the wording and key terms. u3u;

My Topics in Literature class has a professor that expects me to read a 300 page book in a weekend + take notes. It's hard to take notes and read at the same time. I already can't multitask. The essays she makes us do at the end of each book get longer. I just finished a 16 page essay on a book that I had trouble understanding. I literally had to read pages over like three times to finally understand what was going on.

We have so many little tasks in Business Communications that it is nerve-wrecking. I already get frustrated with the online program that we have to use for weekly quizzes/tests. I learned the hard way that after you take the pre-test, it doesn't matter if you aced it. You have to ace the post test or the system will count it as a zero. I hate cengage. u3u;

I'm in a math class that is a little different. We spend the time doing homework in class and reviewing what people missed on the small quizzes. Outside of class, we read over the sections, and prepare for the next class. I hate the math book because the author is all over the place. In the past, I usually did all the work on my own at my own speed and got ahead of the class. i was able to read the book and understand what was going on. However, this book doesn't do well to help explain how to solve the problems (and story problems - don't even get me started) and doing homework in class goes too slow for me.

I'm the type that likes to get started and work on an assignment once I know it or else I have trouble getting to it. I don't always do well with lectures because I like to open the book myself and do my work. 75 minute classes are hard for me to sit through too unless I'm able to do something with my hands. I hate when my professors put us into groups to do group activities. I swear I have the luck to always end up in the group that don't know what is going on and I end up being utterly lost.

Is there anyway that I can improve my performance better for the second quarter of my spring semester? Unfortunately, thinking about the money doesn't motivate me. I already have trouble getting into a positive mood because I've been getting down a lot and the stress combined with the feeling of dread gives me headaches that intervene with my ability to concentrate even when I'm on meds.

Is there a way I can try to study for my computer introductory course better?

03-15-14, 09:53 AM
*please note I didn't write this linearly because my brain doesn't fly that way so I inserted stuff in places they seemed fit sort of*

I suspect a bit of depression from being overwhelmed, I would talk to someone of you could, getting some stress off could help a ton, I had this issue last year when my mom and st dad started their divorce. I didn't want to go to class and I fell behind, talking to someone once a week for two months magically made me happier and able to function again.

The only two things that have worked for me with motivation on assignments are setting specific times and days to do work for certain classes and having a fellow ADHD colleague who has similar classes so we can keep each other in check (we often joke it takes two of is together to function as one normal person would :p).

I would also recommend getting student disabilities help. If you have documented ADHD, most colleges will have requirements teachers must follow so you can do your best. This includes extra time for reading materials and on tests or projects. Also allows you to use whatever device is needed for note taking!

My next suggestion is getting a SmartPen or other similar recorder for your classes. I started using one recently and oh my gosh what a difference in studying! Even on papers I have to write, my professors voice is right there saying word for word what s/he expects! I also have trouble reading material and retaining or understanding it, so hearing helps a ton. If your a person who can't understand reading very well, a lot of colleges also will give you a recorded version of your text book. I personally have never tried this out but for my friend, he used an audio book for his English class and understood the story far better than looking at black on a page. Even if the book has no purchasable audio option, audio does exist, for both blind students (brail exists, not every book is in brail and it can take a while to get brail copies) and student with reading issues like dyslexia, ADHD, ect.

For math, I'd look into seeing if there are tutors or talking to your teacher. Once again, if documented with student disabilities, s/he would have to understand and comply with you accommodations.

For the issues with loooong classes, and trust me I feel you the most on this one because my first dose of adderall ALWAYS runs out I the middle of my 90 minute classes, take tons of notes even if they seem useless! The only way I can keep myself on track with long lectures of that or doodle, I had some days where I just sat in class and practiced writing out symbols for music notation.

Sorry this is poorly organized but hope at least some of this info was helpful! I'm in the same boat as I just recently got my ADHD diagnoses after spending months looking for a dyslexia specialist, fixing mid semester sucks but it's better to salvage than sink!