View Full Version : Men vs Men Without ADHD in Childhood (3/10/14)

03-15-14, 12:47 PM
A very interesting read!

It's based off some information published in February which can be found here:

03-15-14, 12:57 PM
This one was a few days ago in regards to a loss of childhood which I think a lot of us can relate to as well.

This was published over an hour ago in regards to diagnosis all over the US and a breakdown percentage in states.

Seems a lot of information has been coming out about ADD/ADHD. It's just so unfortunate that there is so much stigmatization regarding treatment and diagnosis. But I think it mainly has to deal with how so many people try to talk about the condition and its treatment when in all honestly they dont know a damn thing about what it is and what problems it can cause for sufferers like us here.

The pure fact that my parents didn't want my on medication because they didn't want me "labeled" as a kid, they didn't want me on anti-depressants because it made me "mean" (their way of telling me I no longer gave a crap about everything anymore where previously I always cared about everything for the most part), and worst of all being told to push myself harder and harder when it came to school because there is "nothing wrong with you".

I went to visit my Grandma last December, 2012, and they brought up how I used to get in trouble at school all the time as a kid because I was "motor-mouth Quinton", I never could wait until my turn, and never would sit down and pay attention. I then find out that when my parents would take me to visit my grandma and grandpa, because I liked to "touch, touch, touch everything" my Grandpa decided one day he would duck tape me to a chair with my hands behind my back and i will still continue to reach out and try to grab and touch stuff. They all seemed to find it funny about the story of when I was a kid, needless to say I didn't find it even the slightest bit amusing what so ever.