View Full Version : I need home help but I am not sure of what kind.

03-23-05, 12:13 AM
Hi I need some help in my home but I am not sure what type to get and am having trouble locating any specialists in my area. I live in Southern New Hampshire and now have a part time job thanks to Vocational rehab and my wonderful job coach. I can now work independently and successfully!!! I just wish I could get a job coach for my life. The life coaches that I see don't seem to offer the types of services I need( I think I need someone to come in and help me clean, organise and declutter my house, then teach me how to clean, organise, pay bills, balance checkbook, declutter, parent, live like a grown up LOL, etc.)

Does anyone know any services or specialist that might be able to help me. I am on SSDI, medicaid and medicare so I do not have the funds to spend much. My family thinks I am crazy, lazy, and stubborn and cannot understand my ADD. I cannot have them help and they keep saying how bad my house, etc. is.

I also have a small child and feel very guilty because she cannot have friends over. I would love to get a muzzle over my messies so she can have a better role model to follow.

Anyone have any ideas?

I am also looking for an ADD specialist in my area.