View Full Version : How to treat ADHD with an adderall addiction.

03-16-14, 03:31 PM
I have been taking adderall off and on for the past thirteen years, since I was initially diagnosed with ADHD. Initially, it was extremely effective for my adhd symptoms. I stopped procastinating, I became somewhat organized. I stopped losing things I needed. I could communicate much more effectively. I could organize my thoughts. It also helped my social anxiety and mild depression.
Unfortunately, I began to want my symptoms to be alleviated all the time. I am socially inept, and adderall cured this, so I would take one at night when I was done with everything, and I eventually began to dose every time I came down off the adderall. I wouldn't take too much at one time, but I started staying up for two days at a time, so when I slept I would crash for maybe 12 hours. I never told my psychiatrist bc I knew they would take me off the adds. I eventually started found another doctor who prescribed me XR, so I had two whole scripts every month. I would try to take my prescription as prescribed every month, but within a few days, I started to do the same thing. I quit taking adderall in June of last year. I'm on wellbutrin (400 sr) and clonidine now. I tried strattera a few years ago, but it had very little effect. My current medication is not helping much. All it is doing is giving me energy and helping me think more clearly. I drink about 3 energy drinks a day for motivation. In February, I lost my job because I was making too many simple mistakes. The manager talked to me several times about focusing, and I tried my best to do everything correctly, but I kept making the same mistakes. He thought something was going on outside of work, but the problem was that I simply couldn't focus. I have been honest with my current psychiatrist, so she will not prescribe me any stimulants. I am going to ask her about provigil my next visit, beause what I'm on now just isn't working. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? I tried methylphenidate a few years ago briefly, and it didn't cause me the same issues as adderall. I switched back to adderall bc methylphenidate didn't work as well, but it did help alot more than what I'm on now. If anyone has experienced addiction issues related to adderall and found another way to alleviate adhd symptoms please let me know, also if anyone takes provigil, I would like to know how it works. Thanks

03-21-14, 06:36 AM
my husband is both adhd and narcoleptic and the provigil treats both for him.

03-21-14, 06:51 PM
I am ADD inattentive and Nuvigil did not help ADD at all. I'm also excessively tired throughout the day, and the nuvigil helped keep me awake, but it really didn't help with the scatterbrain and concentration. Vyvanse works better for focus, but slightly less with arousal.