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03-16-14, 08:25 PM
Is this depression? I don't know..but it's been like that for at least 3 years. Celexa seemed to help a that I realized what I had to do to progress in my career. It somehow allowed me to introspect. Unfortunately, most of the time on it I felt out of it..drooling..staring at the wall, not paying attention to anything and it gave me severe stomach pains.

Anyway, lately I've been working 60-70 hrs/week and it's been hard to plan dinner not to mention 1-2 years down the road.

I know people who create plans for the future, calculate how much they need to save for retirement, when to get an oil change etc. but I just kindda take things as they go. I'm sure this is not right...because there was a time...several years ago...when I had dreams and was willing to work hard...but now it's just "it is what it is" :scratch:

03-17-14, 01:15 AM
Despite the silly motivational speakers, not every idea is possible. Planning for the future takes us extra energy and time compared to others, if we do it. You might consider cutting back on hours worked, in order to "have enough brains left" to live your life. You might have to sacrifice money to get time, in other words.

03-17-14, 03:15 AM
Yes DVD is onto something... there is a "hidden element"... space... and separation of "plans" from actions and other tasks...

The other thing, is once you get some ideas in "general" / "inspired" state... it's key to devise systems / records / rewards etc. from tasks that systematically work towards one of those deeper wants... Our "immediate nature" often leaves us with brilliant goals... and when the time comes to act, were gridlocked in a soup of possibility...

space and systems... almost over then end goal.... for the time being anyway...

03-17-14, 03:50 AM
It can be depression but it's also common to adhd.

i guess planning or thinking about the future aren't really strengths of ours. Besides it's easy to Getty overwhelmed with daily life. most of my energy and every waking hour goes into handling today or at the most tomorrow. When today and tomorrow are under threat it's natural to disregard the future. The future mostly Just looms somewhere like a dark cloud in the distance but I try to invite ot because I'm still dealing with today's storm.

I do think about the future but its either In t terms of unrealistic day dreams or unhelpful worry. Also 'the future' is a pretty big topic. I don't even know where to start thinking about it and i don't know what i want. You mentioned career progression and that's not a bad start.

Really thinking about the future and planning requires time and also a certain amount of peace and security in the present. With the hours you are working it might be difficult to get that. Maybe you could take a few days off or maybe set aside every day an hour.